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Early voting

Early voting opens for Arkansas’ primary and judicial elections

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Early voting began Monday for Arkansas’ primary election, which features crowded races for a Senate seat and some of the state’s top offices.Voters can begin casting ballots early for the May 24 election, which will also include nonpartisan races for state Supreme Court and other judicial seats.The top races include…

Early trial

Early Trial Offers Hope Treating Rare ‘Brittle Bone’ Disease

By Amy Norton HealthDay ReporterMONDAY, Feb. 21, 2022 (HealthDay News) — An experimental drug may help build bone mass in some adults with a rare brittle-bone disease, a small preliminary study suggests.The disease is called osteogenesis imperfecta. It’s caused by defects in certain genes involved in making collagen — a key protein in the body’s…

Early English

The lasting effects of early English lessons

In Germany, children start to learn english in primary school. Credit: RUB, Marquard An international research team has examined how English lessons in primary school affect language proficiency in this subject in secondary school. Children who started learning English in the first grade of primary school performed significantly better in listening and reading comprehension in…

AEW's Early

WWE and AEW’s 2022 Early Winners and Losers

As the wrestling world prepares for the always busy WrestleMania season, fans who watch WWE and All Elite Wrestling are already starting to notice the performers in each company that are the year’s early winners and losers…


Ten Tips to Help You Navigate the First Days of Your New Small Business

The early days of running a business are full of new ideas and growth in tons of areas. You need to consider your industry, education, team, and marketing plans. So insights from members of the online small business community can help you navigate these various areas. Read on for tips.Use the SMART Principle to Start…

Early menopause

Early Menopause May Raise a Woman’s Odds for Dementia

TUESDAY, March 1, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Women who enter menopause early may be more likely to develop dementia later in life, new research indicates.During menopause, production of the female sex hormone estrogen drops dramatically and a woman’s periods come to an end. While women typically enter menopause in their early 50s, many do so…


Three Early Warning Signs That Your Marketing Plan Needs to be Tuned Up

Businesses invest a significant amount of time and money in creating comprehensive marketing plans. They set ambitious goals, lay out strategies, and execute a plan to achieve them. In fact, they may be so focused on the end game that they fail to pay attention to what’s going on around them– that is, until they feel…

Early president’s

10 Early President’s Day Sales on Laptops and Tablets

Need a new laptop or tablet? Whether it’s for school or work, now is a good time to snag one. Many of our favorite laptops and tablets are on sale for the upcoming President’s Day holiday, so if your machine has been sputtering, you can save some cash when you upgrade. Be sure to check…

Early findings

HERA telescope’s early findings promise a deeper understanding of the cosmic dawn

Part of the HERA radio interferometric array in the South African Karoo desert during early construction in 2016, pictured with site crew for scale. Credit: Kathryn Rosie All through history, humans have created and shared stories that ponder the creation of stars—what they are and how the first stars came to be. Now, with new…