EarthBound Seconds

25 Seconds Of New EarthBound 64 Footage Emerges Online

Travel back to 1997 by Liam Doolan 7 hours agoImage: Zen64At the beginning of this month, someone put a corporate Nintendo CD-ROM from 1998 on sale. The winner of the online auction was a Twitter user known as Zen, who paid the equivalent of $357 USD for the item, after discovering the disc contained footage…

EarthBound Random

Random: Did You Know EarthBound Creator Shigesato Itoi Had A Starring Role In My Neighbor Totoro?

Here’s your fact of the day by Ryan Craddock 2 hours agoShigesato Itoi is a name that Nintendo fans will forever be familiar with, and you may well have enjoyed some of his finest work, but we dare say there’ll be a few people out there who had no idea about this particular role of…

EarthBound Oddventure

Oddventure Is A New EarthBound And Undertale-Inspired RPG Coming To Switch In 2022

Update: Kickstarter is a success! by Ryan Craddock 5 hours agoUpdate 2: Oddventure’s Kickstarter is now over, raising 213% of its funding goal to secure a release on Switch and PC in 2022. If you missed it, make sure to check out all the details in our original article below. Update: With 24 days still…