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NPR Electoral Map: Biden Expands Lead Over Trump In Swing States

Loading… It’s been a rough couple of weeks for President Trump. His performance in the first presidential debate was widely panned; Trump and several members of his inner circle contracted COVID-19; and then the president said he was pulling out of the next debate, after the debate commission said it wanted the candidates to appear…

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The Electoral Politics of Trump’s Diagnosis

Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been diagnosed with Covid-19. At a minimum, the president will spend early October in quarantine rather than on the campaign trail. Apart from what this means for his health, you’re probably wondering what it means for November 3. The simple answer is, no one really knows. But here’s what…

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Has the Time Advance to Scrap the Electoral College?

Boxes containing the electoral college vote certificates for the 2012 U.S. presidential election at a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill, January 4, 2013. (Jason Reed/Reuters) Probably not, but some Democrats are trying. In the torrid final weeks of the long presidential campaign, the unique confluence of legal, procedural, and constitutional initiatives to alter…

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The Case for Dumping the Electoral College

Illustration by João FazendaIn 1961, Estes Kefauver, the crusading Democratic senator from Tennessee, denounced the Electoral College as “a loaded pistol pointed at our system of government.” Its continued existence, he said, as he opened hearings on election reform, created “a game of Russian roulette” because, at some point, the antidemocratic distortions of the College…

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Is The Electoral Map Changing?

From one presidential election to the next, the battleground states that make — or break — the election remain largely the same. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t gradual (and sometimes, not so gradual) shifts underway. We zoomed in on how 16 battleground states have voted relative to the country as a whole since 2000…

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Playing electoral defense, Trump to promote recovery in Ohio

CLEVELAND (AP) — President Donald Trump billed his trip to Ohio Thursday as a chance to promote economic recovery, but he quickly pivoted to a deeply personal attack on Joe Biden, even questioning without foundation the former vice president’s faith in God.Even for a president known for his blunt criticism, Trump’s remarks stood out and…

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Mark Zuckerberg Says Electoral Interference Is Like ‘Arms Race,’ Admits Facebook Wasn’t Prepared For 2016 Election

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that preventing electoral interference is like an “arms race.” What Happened Talking with the BBC’s Simon Jack, Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook was “behind” in the 2016 US presidential election. He said that the social media giant was unprepared for the state-sponsored interference in the elections of 2016…