Electric Flying Taxi Backed by United Airlines Unveiled in L.A.

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Electric Newest

The newest electric Jaguar I-Pace rethinks the center screen and speeds up charging

A new shade of gray for the newest I-Pace. Image: JAGUAR By Sasha Lekach2021-06-09 13:00:00 UTC The newest Jaguar I-Pace has some subtle but powerful updates.  The first all-electric car from Jaguar debuted in 2018 but the 2022 version has just been announced and it features a new gray grille coloring upfront as well as…

Ancient Electric

Ancient electric cars meet modern EVs at Amelia Island show

that Milburn interior… — Where else can you see a 1.5 hp 1895 Electrobat next to a 1,000 hp Hummer EV? Jonathan M. Gitlin – Jun 6, 2021 5:15 pm UTC This is a 1905 Columbia XXXV Open Drive Brougham, which won best in class for the EVs. This Edwardian monster is a twin-motor design.…

Electric Redesigns

Lyft redesigns its electric bicycle with built-in screen and speakers

The newest Lyft e-bike is here. Image: Lyft By Sasha Lekach2021-06-02 14:00:00 UTC Lyft’s electric bicycles across the U.S. are getting a boost.  Unveiled Wednesday, Lyft’s next generation e-bike has a new look with an LCD screen and built-in speakers, a bigger battery, and wider seat that’s easier to adjust. Lyft designed the bike in-house…

Electric Ford's

Ford’s electric F-150 range estimates are very conservative

Were you disappointed when Ford said the F-150 Lightning would offer an estimated 300 miles of range in its best trim level? You might not have reason to be so glum. Ford told YouTuber Marques Brownlee that its EPA range estimates for the electric pickup truck factor in 1,000lbs of cargo — you may well…

Electric Renault

I kind of wish That This IKEA and Renault electric kit car Notion was Actual

This is an IKEA and Renault electric kit car concept designed by Ryan Schlotthauer for his bachelor thesis: It’s making the rounds on the internet as if it’s a real project between Renault and IKEA, but sadly Renault confirmed it is simply an academic exercise and they aren’t officially involved in any way. IKEA also…

Electric vehicles

All those Electrical vehicles pose an Issue for building Streets

Less gas, less tax — Gas taxes are the largest source of funding for highway construction, maintenance. Aarian Marshall, – May 23, 2021 11:00 am UTC Enlarge / “I think this might be the best-looking EV yet,” Cars Technica’s Jonathan Gitlin in 2018 about the Jaguar I-Pace.Jonathan GitlinLast week, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee—the guy…

Electric special

Electric cars: Special dyes Can prevent unnecessary motor replacements

IMAGE: The dye added to the resin system changes colour when an alcohol that is released by the resin binds to it. view more  Credit: Uni Halle / Alexander Funtan One day in the near future dyes in electric motors might indicate when cable insulation is becoming brittle and the motor needs replacing. Scientists at Martin…

Electric material

Old electric cars are a raw material of the future

CAR SALES have, generally speaking, plunged during the coronavirus epidemic. But there has been one bright spot. Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity. According to IHs Markit, a research firm, almost 2.5m battery-electric and plug-in-hybrid cars were sold around the world in 2020—and the company expects that number to grow by 70% this…

Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Could Wirelessly Charge While Driving According to Researchers

BMWCornell researchers are trying to build a future where electric vehicle owners can charge their cars wirelessly without stopping. We’ve seen ideas for “plugless EV charging” in the past, but this takes charging to a different level. One of the biggest roadblocks for EVs right now is charging. A recent report suggests that 1 in…