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Here’s Exactly How Much Protein You Need

Despite what bright new food packaging might lead you to believe, humans have known about the power of protein since at least the early 19th century. That’s when a Swedish chemist named the molecules using a word from the Greek, proteios, meaning “holding first place” and therefore most important. Today, if society resurrected that Swede…

Described Exactly

This Guy Described Exactly How a Fitness App Helped Him Lose 100 Pounds and Get Ripped

Trainer and YouTuber Jackson Desjardins makes videos where he uses his own experience of dropping more than 100 pounds and building muscle to help others in pursuing their own weight loss and fitness goals. In his most recent video, he explains how he personally found using a food tracking app (in his case, MyFitnessPal) to…

Exactly Sauce

What exactly is duck sauce? The sticky history of the Chinese-American takeout staple

In the six years that I’ve been frequenting Asian Wok, the small Chinese takeout counter a few blocks from my apartment, I’ve never seen Liling, the kitchen manager, look flustered.  I’ve been there at all hours, from peak lunch rush to that final 30-minute window post-last call, and even when the restaurant is absolutely hectic…

Botox Exactly

How to Get Exactly What You Want at a Botox Appointment

Photo: G-Stock Studio (Shutterstock)When you see someone with facial injectables you don’t like, there’s something you need to remember (besides the fact that your opinion on someone else’s aesthetic enhancements isn’t relevant): For everyone with exaggerated filler or too-frozen Botox you spot in the wild, there are dozens more people walking around with work so…

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This Is Exactly How I Transformed Myself Into a Morning Person in 30 Days

The sun was barely up, but I’d already chugged my pour-over coffee, been turned down for sex by my wife (again), and hit the gym for a dumbbell circuit. With the rest of the world still asleep, I found myself a little hungry, slightly jittery, and trudging into a self-prescribed ice-cold shower—not related to the…

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What exactly does THX do and why does it matter when selecting audio gear?

Thirty years after it first boomed into theaters with its iconic, ear-splitting crescendo, THX remains a bit of an enigma for most of the public. We conducted an informal survey of some of our tech-aware (but not necessarily tech-savvy) acquaintances, asking if they knew what THX was or what it did. Answers involved everything from…

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That’s not exactly a good thing , most are unwatchable the length they are…

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Exactly Honey

Honey: Not Exactly Bee Vomit.

Or Is It?

I have a honey guy, and his name is Jay. (This is a brag.) Jay, who looks like he wrestles on the side, sells his local honey at my farmers market. I buy big jars of his raw honey, which he slow-churns to give it an airy, foamy texture that dissolves on the tongue. And…

Exactly Universe

Will we ever know exactly how the universe ballooned into existence?

Home News (Image credit: MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via Getty Images) Physicists have long been unable to crack the mystery of what happened in the moments when a vanishingly small seed ballooned into the universe. Now, one scientist thinks he knows why they can’t come up with a physical description of this phenomenon called inflation:…