Facebook Parent

Facebook parent Meta’s head of communications exits company

Facebook employees unveil a new logo and the name “Meta” on the sign in front of Facebook headquarters on Oct. 28, 2021, in Menlo Park, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The head of communications for Facebook parent company Meta Platforms, John Pinette, has left the company.”We are thankful for John’s positive contributions during an intense and…

Facebook features

Facebook adds new features to Creator Studio, including Stories Highlights and Timeline view for Posts

Facebook’s added some new elements to Creator Studio to mark the new year, including a Stories preview option for video uploads, and a new way to preview how your posted content looks in-stream. The main addition is Stories highlight clips for video uploads, which takes a 20-second preview segment from your full video to post…

encourages Facebook

Facebook encourages more developers to integrate Facebook Stories Sharing into their apps [Infographic]

As part of its ongoing effort to maximize Stories usage, and get more people posting more often in the app, Facebook has been pushing developers to utilize its ‘Share to Stories’ option, which enables app developers to easily plug their apps into the Stories posting process, helping to boost promotion, while also giving users more…

Facebook Unlink

How to unlink Facebook and Instagram

tanuha2001/Shutterstock.comIf you no longer wish to cross-post content, and you’d prefer to keep your accounts separate, it’s easy to unlink Facebook and Instagram accounts. Here’s how to do that on both desktop and mobile. When you disconnect your accounts from each other, your accounts do not get modified or deleted. You simply lose the ability…

Facebook reportedly

Facebook tried to discredit the reputation of its whistleblowers among politicians

A hot potato: While Facebook (or Meta, as it’s now known) might have thought 2018, the year of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, would forever remain its worst-ever 12 months, 2021 has taken that unwanted title—and it’s not over yet. The company is now facing accusations that it tried to smear the name of its former…

Delete Facebook

How to Delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok

If you want to delete your account but don’t want to lose all your account information, download all your crucial data first. The information you can download includes everything from the photos and statuses you post, to the ads you’ve clicked and the IP addresses you’ve used. The list of what’s included is extensive, but…

Facebook sounds

How to turn off Facebook sounds

When you like a post, refresh your feed, or perform a similar activity in the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, a sound will play. If you find these sounds annoying, there’s a way to disable them. We’ll show you how. RELATED: How to Add a Different Reaction to a Facebook Post…

Facebook Leftist

Leftist Facebook “Fact Checker” Science Feedback Recites Wrongly Flagging Article about Mask Mandates

Science Feedback, a third-party Facebook “fact checker” known for its controversial fact-checks of news stories and op-eds that challenge official opinion, has admitted it was wrong to fact-check and censor a Reason article. The article stated that the study relied on by the CDC to promote mask mandate in schools is bogus. Facebook fact-checkers are empowered to…

Facebook users

Facebook says 50,000 users were targeted by cyber mercenary firms in 2021

Private, mercenary-style surveillance and hacking groups have used Facebook and Instagram to target 50,000 people in over 100 countries, according to a newly published investigation by Meta, Facebook’s parent company. The existence of private companies that use sophisticated digital tools to pry secrets from people’s work and private lives—sometimes as part of legitimate law enforcement…

Defames Facebook

Facebook Defames Me, Now Says ‘Fact-Checks’ Are ‘Opinion’

Facebook’s so-called fact-checkers turn out to be thought police as the Big Tech giant claims its censorship over right-wing outlets is just opinion, John Stossel writes…