Fixes Ryzen

Fixes for AMD Ryzen performance, other Windows 11 issues rolling out to testers now

hand me my patching trowel — Update is reportedly being prepared for public release early next week. Andrew Cunningham – Oct 15, 2021 7:20 pm UTC Enlarge / A PC running Windows 11.MicrosoftNow that Windows 11 is out, the arduous process of fixing the new operating system’s bugs can begin. The OS got its first…


Bitcoin Fixes The Modern Fiat Ponzi Scheme

After a couple of years of studying Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar that I was raised to trust like it was some faceless god, I eventually started valuing everything in Bitcoin’s satoshis instead of the U.S. dollar.The biggest reason wasn’t because of Bitcoin either. It was the U.S. dollar’s system that did it to me.…

Fixes WhatsApp

WhatsApp Fixes Its Biggest Encryption Loophole

Few, if any, services have done more to bring secure messaging to more people than WhatsApp. Since 2016, the messaging platform has enabled end-to-end encryption—by default, no less—for its billions of users. No complaints there. But if you back up your WhatsApp messages to iCloud or Google Cloud, those chats no longer have that level…

Fixes Microsoft

Microsoft fixes seven critical bugs on light Patch Tuesday

All seven critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s August Patch Tuesday were related to remote code execution, and there was one zero-day related to Windows Update Medic Service By Sebastian Klovig Skelton , Senior reporter Published: 11 Aug 2021 13:36 Microsoft has resolved a total of 44 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), seven of which were rated…

Fixes update

PS5 update fixes one of the console’s stupidest problems

It’s been more than eight months since Sony launched the PlayStation 5. In that time, there have been a few system software updates, but they have all been relatively minor. This week, the first major update is finally rolling out to beta testers. Without a doubt, the most noteworthy feature of the update is support…

Diablo Fixes

The fixes are in after Diablo 2: Resurrected’s technical alpha

The remaster has been remastered itself Blizzard’s technomancers are elbow deep in Diablo 2: Resurrected’s guts. With a recent technical alpha letting players pass judgement on what’s been built so far, the team have been refining the game accordingly. Quite a few quality of life adjustments have been implemented from the feedback they received, and…

Fixes YouTuber

YouTuber fixes Switch Joy-Con drift issues with paper

Any Nintendo Switch fans who have controllers suffering from the dreaded drift issue know how frustrating the problem is. The Joy-Con drift issue happens when characters on-screen move even when no pressure is applied to the analog joystick. The drift issue can make some games virtually impossible to play. So far, Nintendo hasn’t been helpful…

Annoying Fixes

iOS 14.7 beta 5 fixes annoying iPhone bug that disables Wi-Fi connections

Apple released a new iOS 14.7 beta Thursday afternoon, and at first glance, it did not seem very substantial. iOS 15 should be out before the end of September, so we don’t expect much from any additional iOS 14 updates. That might be the case, but if you are a beta tester, this is one…

Fixes update

HBO Max update fixes the worst of its Apple TV woes

HBO Max has updated its Apple TV app as it attempts to fix the myriad issues that have been plaguing the software since last week. The update fixes significant problems with basic features like fast-forwarding and rewinding, which had been introduced after the software switched away from using the native tvOS video player. The software…

Fixes These

Try These Fixes to Keep iOS 14.6 From Draining Your Battery

The iOS 14.6 update introduced cool new stuff like unlocking your iPhone with voice commands and new Apple Pay features for Family Groups. It also appears to ruin your iPhone’s battery performance.In the days following iOs 14.6’s rollout, masses of iPhone owners report sudden abysmal battery life and even overheating. The issue is widespread, judging…