Flurona Reports

Fluorona Reports are on the Rise What Should You Do?

Reports of “flurona” have been circulating in recent days. No, it’s not a new COVID-19 variant—flurona is how people are describing the rising number of simultaneous novel coronavirus and influenza virus infections. This week, many outlets covered news of a young pregnant person in Israel testing positive for both the flu and COVID-19, dubbing it…

first Flurona

First Report of a ‘Flurona Case’ in the USA

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center. Health authorities in California, Texas, and Kansas have reported cases of “flurona,” in which people have seasonal flu and COVID-19 at the same time. The first known case was detected in Israel, but until this week no cases had been reported…

detected Flurona

Flurona was detected in an Israeli woman, just like a new COVID-19 IHU variant IHU was discovered in France

Israel is reporting its first case of what’s called “flurona”, when a person can have two infections influenza and  coronavirus  at the same time. It was detected in a pregnant woman who had mild symptoms. This discovery comes as a new variant of COVID-19 called  varient caleed IHU has been detected in France.

‘Double Flurona

Flurona: What we know about the rare, new double infection

Image Credit(AP)It sounds more like science fiction the more you hear it: The first case of Flurona, a new and rare  double infection of coronavirus and influenza, was discovered in an unvaccinated pregnant Israeli young  woman, according to doctors at Beilinson Hospital in the city from Petach Tikva out of the country. Israel is currently…


‘Flurona’ Cases Raise Concerns Of Severe Double-Infections

Topline Israel reported a rare case of simultaneous infection with Covid-19 and flu Thursday, raising concerns that seasonal flu outbreaks could leave large swathes of the public vulnerable to severe Covid infections. A throat swab sample is placed inside a container to be tested for coronavirus on August 24, 2020 in … [+] Bonn, Germany.…