Boundless Fortnite’s

Fortnite’s Boundless skins are still pay-to-win

Fortnite has been providing us with skins for over two years. Take a look at all Fortnite tier 100 skins as we rank them from worst to best. We’re 16 seasons into Fortnite at this point, and 15 Battle Passes deep. We’ve seen hundreds of skins come and go with varying degrees of originality. Some…

esports Fortnite’s

Fortnite’s Esports revenue explains why there hasn’t been another World Cup

Esports Epic Games overestimated how much money Fortnite Esports would make which could explain why there hasn’t been a second World Cup. Published 43 seconds agoon May 4, 2021 Epic Games overestimated how much revenue Fortnite would make from Esports in 2019 by $154 million. This miscalculation could explain why there has only been one…

Fortnite’s reminds

Fortnite’s new gun reminds me of Luigi’s vacuum cleaner

Last night, Fortnite suddenly released the Recycler – a new heavy weapon unlike anything else in the game. While it might look like a mix between a weed trimmer and a grenade launcher, it offers a decent element of build destruction and splash damage. Also, while using it, I feel like I’m holding the Poltergust-3000…

Fortnite’s Operation

Fortnite’s Operation Snowdown arrives: Free rewards and how to get them

Epic Games has officially launched its Operation Snowdown event in Fortnite, the one leaks had suggested would be this year’s ‘Winterfest.’ Operation Snowdown comes with the snowman skin we previously saw leak, as well as new challenges, rewards, and more. As well, and as previously teased, planes have returned to the game. Operation Snowdown will…