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Businesses fear getting caught in the middle of Trump’s payroll tax cut

President Donald Trump’s weekend blitz of executive orders included a promise of tax relief for workers, but policy experts say the White House has left several critical questions unanswered, including who will be responsible for collecting the deferred tax and how and when it will need to be paid off in the event that it…

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The Real Reason BP Is Getting Greener

BP seems nervous about being a fossil fuel company these days. On Tuesday, the 12th most carbon-intensive company in the world announced plans to slash its oil and gas production by 40 percent over next decade, the largest such cut an oil and gas company has ever announced. It’ll also slash its dividend payouts to shareholders…

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Finding a college degree was their dream. Their college abruptly closed for good.

Alysia Kennedy, 26, said she chose to enroll at Margrove in 2015 in part because her mother had been one of those 68 women.“She loved her experience being around other Black women, experiencing being in that first Black group,” Kennedy said, though her mother also recalled hearing racist comments from white students.Marygrove soon built a…

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Getting a portable monitor was the best move I made all lockdown

Home News Computing (Image credit: Future) Lockdown has been an opportunity for self-discovery for us all. Maybe you’ve used Zoom to re-ignite a long distance friendship once thought lost, or mastered a home workout routine. Maybe you’ve tackled your gaming pile of shame, or binged an entire Netflix boxset.But, what’s happened for many, is that…

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Everything you need to know about getting a VPN

So whether you’re online on your phone, tablet or desktop — stop doing that! It’s gross. Plus, you also don’t need to be connected all buck naked like that. Cover your assets, and use a nifty little tool known as a VPN.A VPN, or virtual private network, keeps your computer’s IP address — and your…

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Gmail is Becoming a Significant redesign — see it in action right here

The Gmail app is getting even more useful for work, especially during the novel coronavirus pandemic, where more and more people have to work from home. Google announced a major redesign for Gmail that will be available to G Suite customers. The new Gmail app will integrate the Chat and Meet apps and will offer…

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G Suite is Becoming an overhaul that makes Gmail your”home for work”

Chat, video call, scheduling, and other collaboration tools are all being added to Gmail to eliminate app switching and make work flow in a more intuitive way, Google said. Image: Google A new G Suite update is transforming Gmail into the “home for work,” officials said, by combining many of Google’s existing collaboration tools into…

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Apple Is Getting Into Podcasting for Actual

Image: AppleAs part of its ever-expanding slate of services, Apple is betting on original podcasting with its newly announced daily news program, Apple News Today. The daily news podcast was part of a series of new offerings Apple announced in a blog post on Wednesday and follows a report from Bloomberg last year that the…

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Forests Getting Younger and Shorter

Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England, UK. Credit: Getty ImagesOld, big trees are dying faster than in the past, leaving younger, less biodiverse forests worldwide that store less carbon. They give us paper and fuel, as well as vital ecological services—like cleaning the air, storing carbon and providing habitat. We’re talking about trees, of…

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Nets plan on getting Jarrett Allen reinforcements for NBA restart

July 4, 2020 | 11:38pm The Nets only have a dozen healthy players they can count on as they prepare to head to Orlando, and just one legitimate big man after their frontcourt got decimated by injuries and coronavirus. But it sounds like they are on the verge of adding some reinforcements, and they most…