Google reportedly

Google allegedly made it harder to find Android privacy configurations

Google’s approach to Android privacy is coming under fire following revelations from Arizona’s antitrust lawsuit over phone tracking. As Insider reports, freshly unredacted documents in the case suggest Google made Android privacy settings harder to find. When Google tested OS releases that surfaced privacy features, the company reportedly saw greater use of those features as…

Google reportedly

Google Allegedly made it Hard for smartphone users to find privacy settings

Unredacted documents in Arizona’s lawsuit against Google show that company executives and engineers were aware that the search giant had made it hard for smartphone users to keep location information private, Insider reported. The documents suggest that Google collected location data even after users had turned off location sharing, and made privacy settings difficult for…

amazing Google

Google Maps has an amazing new feature that you probably can’t use

Google just unveiled a fantastic feature on Google Maps, but now that it’s already here, I can’t even use it unless I travel to Sydney, Australia, where Google’s new accessibility tools rolled out to Google Maps users. Unlike other Google Maps features that can be rolled out more broadly, the new features will need more…

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Google Discover Gets Colorful In Android 12

Cameron Summerson, Cory GuntherYou’ll be shocked by how different Android 12 looks when it reaches your phone. The OS update centers around Google’s new Material You design language, with lots of colors and way less clutter. Now, those experimenting with the Android 12 beta can see Material You’s reach in the Discover panel and the…

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Google cuts a deal to help develop health algorithms using Individual data

Angela Lang/CNET Google has struck a deal with a national hospital chain to help develop health-focused algorithms, both companies said Wednesday. The algorithms will be built using patient records from hospital chain HCA Healthcare, which includes about 2,000 hospitals in 21 states. A joint statement from Google and HCA Healthcare said the hospital chain uses information…

Google starts

Google starts rolling out Fuchsia OS to First Nest Hub, report States

The first-generation Nest Hub, left, will be among the first devices to get the search giant’s new Fuchsia OS.  James Martin/CNET Google’s Fuchsia OS has been in development for some time and now it appears to be heading onto some devices. First up: the first-generation Nest Hub. According to 9to5Google, the search giant has started rolling out…

Google Showcase

Google News Showcase Is Now Available on Desktop as Well as Mobile

Email Google News Showcase is making its way to desktop, bringing the feature to more users. Google is doing its part to help improve the quality of news distributed around the internet with its $1 billion product and licensing program that pays publishers for bringing quality content to the web called Google News Showcase. Originally, the feature…

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Google releases new Instrument to manage blurry Photographs as Well as Its Own data Limit

It’s a little creepy that Google thinks you’re just buying time until you pay for cloud storage. Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors By now, you’re probably aware of a major change coming to Google Photos storage on June 1: New photos will count…

Google reminds

Google once again reminds us how behind Siri is

Our household only has two people in it, but if you were just listening from the outside, you’d be excused for thinking that there was a third: a sometimes helpful but often annoyingly recalcitrant entity named Siri. We use Siri a lot, thanks to the HomePod mini that’s lived in the kitchen for the last…

Google Opening

Google is Launching its Original physical retail store in New York this summer

Editor’s take: Google is building its new store with the health and safety of customers and employees in mind. As such, masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing measures will be in place, and Google will clean all areas of the store multiple times each day. That’s par for the course right now, especially in a…