Elizabeth grueling

A grueling day in Elizabeth Holmes’ trial ended with evidence that Theranos’ tests sucked

Getty Images A preview of arguments to come After a tedious day of bickering, Victoria Sung appeared like manna from heaven — to tell us that Theranos’ tests sucked. Sung worked at Celgene when it contracted with Theranos. Her testimony was brief and to the point: Celgene had not “comprehensively validated” Theranos technology, she said.…

Chinese grueling

Some Chinese shun grueling careers for ‘low-desire life’

BEIJING (AP) — Fed up with work stress, Guo Jianlong quit a newspaper job in Beijing and moved to China’s mountain southwest to “lie flat.”Guo joined a small but visible handful of Chinese urban professionals who are rattling the ruling Communist Party by rejecting grueling careers for a “low-desire life.” That is clashing with the…