Hubble image

Image: Hubble reveals a river of star formation

Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Charlton (Pennsylvania State University); Image processing: G. Kober (NASA Goddard/Catholic University of America) This newly revised NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the Hickson Compact Group 31 (HCG 31) of galaxies highlights streams of star-formation as four dwarf galaxies interact. The bright, distorted clump of young blue-white stars (top-right of…

image spoiler

How to mark an image as a spoiler for discord

timyee/Shutterstock.comIf you’re sending a spoiler image to someone on Discord, consider using the spoiler tag so that your recipient needs to click the image to view it and that it doesn’t open directly. You can do this on both your desktop and mobile, and we’ll show you how. When your recipient receives the image, it…

Galaxy's image

1st image of our galaxy’s ‘black hole heart’ unveiled

Home News The Milky Way and the location of its central black hole as viewed from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. (Image credit: ESO/José Francisco Salgado (, EHT Collaboration) Astronomers have captured the first ever image of the colossal black hole at the center of our galaxy, providing the first direct evidence of the cosmic…

first image

This is the first ever image of the black spot at the center our galaxy

The supermassive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy has been photographed for the first time, giving astronomers invaluable insight into how black holes interact with their surroundings. The object, known as Sagittarius A*, was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, the same global team that took the famous first-ever picture…

Becomes image

When Body Image Becomes a Problem for Female Athletes

By Christine Yu Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on April 19, 2022 There’s no denying that there are many benefits to sports besides physical health. For girls and women, sports can be empowering. They can build confidence, social connections, and leadership skills.But the sporting environment can also place unique pressure on athletes, and that stress can…

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10 Essential Image Optimization Tips for Better Blog Posts [Infographic]

Content Marketing Digital Strategy Social Marketing Social Media Updates Live Twitter Chat SMT Experts Become a Contributor An article from Are you looking for ways to improve your blog posts? Want to optimize your images to generate more traffic from Google? Visme share their tips for success in this infographic. Here’s a quick summary: Create infographics…

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Preop body image related to breast reconstruction complications

(HealthDay)—Patients with lower preoperative body image satisfaction may have an increased risk for some postoperative complications after breast cancer reconstruction surgery, according to a study published in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Holly C. Lewis, M.D., Ph.D., from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues analyzed the association between preoperative body…

Check’ image

FACT CHECK: Is This An Image Of A Ugandan Officer Using a Slingshot at a Reporter?

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows a Ugandan police officer firing a slingshot at a reporter for “asking irrelevant questions.” Verdict: False The spokesperson in the photo was demonstrating how the device works, according to footage from the pictured press conference. He did not fire the weapon at reporters. Fact Check:  The Facebook image shows…

image Mirror

How to Mirror an Image in Microsoft Word

Mirroring an image is useful if you want to print a photo in a flipped perspective. Thankfully, Microsoft’s suite of applications can help. Here’s how to flip an image in a Microsoft Word document. To mirror an image in Microsoft Word, open the Word document that contains the image (or insert the image by clicking…

image Mirror

Mirror image biomolecule aids marine sea squirts to lose their tails

Yamaji et al., Dev Biol 465, 66-78 (2020). Credit: University of Tsukuba Amino acids are the basic building blocks of living organisms and typically occur in a configuration known as the L-form. However, there are a few exceptional examples of the structural mirror image of the L-form (known as the D-form) present in animals. D-serine…