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Industries Payments Link with Rheumatologists’ Prescribing

Payments to rheumatologists by pharmaceutical companies, whether through food and beverages or consulting fees, are linked with a higher likelihood of prescribing drugs and higher Medicare spending, according to a new study published on February 2 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Alí Duarte-García, MD, of the Division of Rheumatology in the Department of Medicine at the…

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NFTs, an allegedly artistic offshoot of the cryptocurrency market, are a hot topic. They’re also a controversial one, and thanks to an intrinsic connection with technology, one that was bound to intersect with gaming at some point. We aren’t going to cover the full width and breadth of non-fungible tokens in this article. Suffice it…

industry insights

NIZO Industry Insights: Scaling up plant production

This month, René Floris, NIZO Food Research Division Manager and FoodNavigator advisory panel member, asks Ruud Heshof, Senior Project Manager at NZIO, about the journey to prove the viability of a new plant protein and get it market-ready.René Floris: What is ‘scaling up’ of protein production, and why does it need to be done?​Ruud Heshof​:…

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Industry funding potentially compromising gambling addiction research, say experts

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Too little research is being conducted into problem gambling—and what research there is, is often funded by the gambling industry rather than by independent means, say a team of experts. They argue in favor of a 1% statutory levy on the gambling industry that could be administered by one of the…

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New report says

The new data analysis by Mighty Earth contained in Sweet Nothings: How the Chocolate Industry has Failed to Honor Promises to End Deforestation in Cocoa Supply Chains, reveals that even after the industry published action plans in 2019, Côte d’Ivoire lost 19,421 hectares – 74.9 sq. mi. – of forest within cocoa growing regions and…

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The holding company model could be the future for esports.

With M&A activity on the rise in gaming and esports, some observers believe that many of today’s leading esports organizations will inevitably evolve into holding companies.Depending on who you ask, this is either the hottest or coldest take in esports. If you’ve spent enough time in the trenches, it’s hard to deny the direction the…

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Recording Industry plays the same old tune on Broadcast Performance Royalties

“The myopic pursuit of a one-sided legislative solution will continue to leave this issue unsettled and punish the artists that proponents claim to want to help.” Curtis LeGeyt Courtesy Photo Almost four years ago, stakeholders across the music industry came together in support of the Music Modernization Act, legislation that made significant reforms to our…


China’s ski industry faces an avalanche of risks

Developers have ploughed mountains of money into the snow business. Will it melt away?IN MUCH OF the world the business of running ski slopes has, like most of tourism, been crippled by lockdowns and travel restrictions. China is no exception. Visits to Chinese ski areas slumped by 38% in 2020—steeper than a global decline of…

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The PC gaming industry grew to more than $5.74 billion in 2021

Why it matters: A market analytics report by the NPD Group highlighted another big growth year for the PC gaming hardware and accessories industry. The more than 25 percent revenue increase was largely driven by continued Covid-related restrictions, forcing more people to seek alternative methods to work, play, and socialize. These increased revenues also contributed…


UK car industry warns about rising prices and rising energy costs

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