Insert Vertical

How to insert a vertical line in Microsoft Word: 5 methods

When you want to enhance the appearance or improve the readability of your document, you might consider adding a line within the text. While inserting a horizontal line in Microsoft Word might be intuitive, adding a vertical line is not. There are a handful of ways to insert a vertical line in your Word document.…

Insert symbol

How to insert the Cent symbol in Microsoft Word using a keyboard shortcut

If you need to insert the cent symbol (¢) in your Microsoft Word documents, the fastest way is to use a keyboard shortcut. We’ll show you how to do that on Windows and Mac. RELATED: All of the Best Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Insert the Cent Symbol in Word on Windows On Windows, you have two…

Check’ Insert

How to insert a check mark in Microsoft Excel

Many times, symbols can be better visuals than letters or numbers. If you want to insert a check mark symbol into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, it takes only a few clicks. While you can certainly use interactive checkboxes for things like creating a checklist in Microsoft Excel, you don’t always need that extra step or…

image Insert

How to Insert an Image Watermark in Google Docs

When you want a logo or another transparent image as your document background, you can use a watermark. In Google Docs, you can insert an image watermark easily and have it automatically appear on each page of the document. Insert a Watermark in Google Docs Head to the Google Docs site, open your document, and…

Handwritten Insert

How to Insert a Handwritten Signature in Google Docs

While digital signatures have become a popular way to sign documents, you may have a document of your own where you just want to handwrite your signature. Using Google’s drawing tool, you can create and insert your signature easily. Create and Insert Your Signature Have you used the Google Drawings website to create a signature…