killed worker

Spa worker shot, killed herself in Lake Merritt shooting, Oakland police say

Feb. 1, 2022Updated: Feb. 2, 2022 4:57 p.m.Kume Spa at Lake Merritt.Angela S./YelpLATEST Feb. 2, 4:55 p.m. More information was released Wednesday on the Tuesday shooting at Kume Spa by Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Oakland police told the Bay Area News Group that the shooter is believed to be a spa employee who shot at multiple other…

killed People


On Tuesday, in West Indonesia, the two rival groups of the area fight each other in a bar and during the fight they set the Karaoke Bar on fire. The cruel flames of the fire killed nineteen people, the provincial capital police of Sorong. In addition to this, the police said that fights between rival…

injured killed

Two people were injured and one man was killed in Sunday’s shootings in NYC

Three people were shot in the early morning hours Sunday in the Big Apple, including a 44-year-old who was killed in upper Manhattan, police said. The man was found around 2 a.m. in the lobby of 501 West 176th Street in Washington Heights with an apparent bullet wound to his stomach, cops said.   He was…

dirty killed

In 2019, more than 1.8 Million people died from dirty city air in the world

Cities worldwide are shrouded with air pollution – and it’s killing people. A new modeling study found that 86% of people living in cities throughout the world – a total of 2.5 billion people – are exposed to fine particulate matter at levels that exceed the World Health Organization’s 2005 guidelines. In 2019, this urban…

Christmas killed

Six people killed in attack on a Congo restaurant on Christmas Day

BENI, Congo — A suicide bomber attacked a restaurant and bar Saturday as patrons gathered on Christmas Day, killing at least six others in an eastern Congolese town where Islamic extremists are known to be active.Heavy gunfire rang out shortly after the bomb went off, with panicked crowds fleeing the town’s center.Saturday’s attack marked the…

killed Stray

Teenager killed in LA by a stray bullet while trying to put on quinceanera dresses

Broken glass can be seen at a Burlington store after the shooting incident that left two people dead. AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu A girl who was accidentally shot dead by police inside an LA clothing store changing room had been trying on dresses for a quinceañera – a rite-of-passage 15th birthday celebration. The 14-year-old was…

children killed

5 Children Killed After Wind Tosses Bouncy Castle More Than 30 Feet In The Air

SYDNEY (AP) — Five children died and four others were in critical condition on Thursday after falling from a bouncy castle that was lifted 33 feet into the air by a gust of wind at a school on Australia’s island state of Tasmania.The school was holding a celebration to mark the end of the school…

killed police

Police: 3 Killed When SUV, Firetruck Collide in Kansas City

Crews were still on the scene early Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021, after a firetruck collided with a car and caused a building collapse Wednesday night in Kansas City, Mo. (Rich Sugg /The Kansas City Star via AP) KANSAS CITY, Mo—Three people were killed when a firetruck collided with a sport utility vehicle, then plowed over…

killed robot

Who Killed the Robot Dog?

George Jetson did not want his family to adopt a dog. For the patriarch of the futuristic family in the 1960s cartoon The Jetsons, apartment living in the age of flying cars and cities in the sky was incompatible with an animal in need of regular walking and grooming, so he instead purchased an electronic…


How streaming killed the Christmas charts

Mariah Carey’s seasonal ubiquity illustrates the new economics of musicTHE BATTLE to be top of the charts on Christmas Day has been won in recent years by the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande. But lately these singers have faced competition from an unexpected source: the 20th century. Despite the best efforts…