Confit Lemon

Bean Confit With Lemon, Saffron, and All the Alliums

My favorite way to eat these super lemony, saffron-tinged beans is spooned over a deeply toasted slice of sprouted rye slathered with some kind of creamy cheese like ricotta, fromage blanc, or fresh chèvre. If you want something a little heftier, these beans are the ideal mate for a variety of add-ins. You could stir…

calls Lemon

Even Don Lemon Calls Out Chris Cuomo for Having Rick Santorum as a Guest (Video)

A lot of people were upset by Rick Santorum’s appearance Monday night on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, where Santorum largely avoided taking responsibility and made excuses, but didn’t apologize for his recent racist remarks about Native Americans. But people weren’t just frustrated by Santorum’s dissembling, they were also frustrated that he was even on the…

Lemon loses

Don Lemon Loses It Over Rick Santorum’s CNN Return: ‘It Was Horrible and Insulting!’

CNN anchor Don Lemon was absolutely beside himself on Monday night after CNN political commentator Rick Santorum showed no contrition during his first on-air appearance after his offensive remarks about Native American culture. Apologizing to viewers, Lemon said it was “horrible and insulting” that Santorum tried to “whitewash” his comments.Santorum sparked intense backlash last month…

Chauvin Lemon

Don Lemon: The Chauvin Trial is’deeply traumatic, emotional, we are reliving it over and over’

In his new book “This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism,” Don Lemon writes about George Floyd’s death in deeply personal terms. On the Chauvin Trial, Lemon says “It has been deeply emotional, it’s traumatic, and I think we all are reliving it over and over and over every time…

CNN's Lemon

CNN’s Lemon: Tucker Carlson Is Mainstreaming ‘White Supremacist Propaganda to your Neighbors’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Friday on his show “Tonight” that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was mainstreaming “white supremacist propaganda to your neighbors and your family members.” Lemon said, “We got to talk about what’s happening over on the propaganda network, the Fox propaganda network. I don’t concern myself of what the other guys are…