RFK Jr., Lara Logan Speaking At Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest In D.C.

Topline Protestors began marching on Washington D.C. Sunday, planning to march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial in objection to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Demonstrators participate in a Defeat the Mandates march in Washington, DC, on January 23, 2022. … [+] (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Key…

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Lara Logan was dropped by UTA after comparing Anthony Fauci to the Infamous Nazi Doctor

UTA no longer represents Lara Logan, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Following the TV personality comparing infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during an episode of Fox News Primetime that aired late last year, UTA cut ties with Logan several weeks ago, according to a representative for the talent agency.…

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Jake and Logan Paul Earned a $63M Combined in 2021; $40M from Boxing

YouTube star Jake Paul earned an estimated $40 million from his three boxing matches in 2021.

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Logan Paul Confirms a $3.5 Million Pokemon Card Box is Fake

Logan Paul made headlines when he purchased a box of first-edition Pokemon Card booster packs. But following speculation that Paul may have spent millions on fake cards, the YouTuber went to verify his purchase and confirmed they are indeed fake.Paul posted a new video today simply titled “I lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokemon Cards,” which…

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Logan Paul Encased 15 Game Boy Colors In Resin To Make A Pokemon Tabletop And People Are Mad

You ever do something in your home and think it’s cool, then share it with people online only to get roasted for ruining someone else’s happiness? That’s what’s happening to internet personality Logan Paul, who encased a bunch of beautiful Game Boy Colors in resin to make a Pokémon tabletop.Read More: Logan Paul Wore A…

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Logan Webb Twirls Gem as Giants Beat Dodgers to Take 1-0 NLDS Lead


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Mike Tyson Open to Logan Paul Boxing Match: ‘That Would Be a Lot of Money’

Celebrity boxing matches have enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity over the past couple of years, and Mike Tyson is apparently open to the idea of a lucrative exhibition fight…