Confined magnetic

Confined magnetic colloidal system for controllable fluid transportation

Colloidal suspensions of microscopic particles show complex and interesting collective behaviors. In particular, the collective dynamics of colloids is fundamental and ubiquitous for materials assembly, robotic motion, microfluidic control, and in several biological scenarios. The collective dynamics of confined colloids can be completely different from that of free colloids: for instance, confined colloids can self-organize…

Earth's magnetic

Earth’s magnetic field reversed 42,000 decades ago, creating a climate’disaster’

Earth’s last magnetic flip 42,000 years brought environmental change and extinctions. Could that happen now?

magnetic Microrobots

Magnetic Microrobots

Simple, microscopic robots, remotely driven by magnetic fields, can use capillary forces to manipulate objects floating at an oil-water interface. The micro-robots in the Penn team’s study are thin slices of magnet, about a third of a millimeter in diameter. Despite having no moving parts or sensors of their own, the researchers refer to them…

magnetic old-school

Are old-school underground tapes that the data storage medium of the future?

The tech world (and let’s be totally honest, tech journalists) have a recency bias — a type of cognitive skew that places greater importance on whatever is shiny and new. And the temptation is often to be awed by whatever Next Big Thing has just appeared shimmering on the horizon. Part of this can be…