aren't making

Kids Aren’t Making Progress on Tests–& That’s From Before Covid

LA Times, Los Angeles Times October 16, 2021

Infiniti making

Infiniti is making wireless Apple CarPlay a free upgrade

It’s free wireless CarPlay time in Infiniti-land! Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow Do you know what’s a decidedly rare pleasure these days? When you buy something and then the company you purchased it from upgrades its features for free, without a bunch of weird conditions or strings attached. That’s precisely what Infiniti is doing, though.Specifically, Infiniti is doing…

Information making

Making Information Tech Greener Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

A look back at the decades since that meeting shows how often AI researchers’ hopes have been crushed—and how little those setbacks have deterred them. Today, even as AI is revolutionizing industries and threatening to upend the global labor market, many experts are wondering if today’s AI is reaching its limits. As Charles Choi delineates…

Apple making

Apple is making it easier for users to report scam apps on the App Store

As diligent as Apple is about keeping fraudulent apps off of its digital storefront, it simply can’t stop them all. Malicious apps find their way onto the App Store year in and year out. That’s probably why Apple has decided to recruit its own users to report scam apps on the App Store. Apple launches…

Cowboys making

Cowboys Are Making the Leap from Underachievers to Super Bowl Contenders in 2021

With a big blue star in the middle of their field, an outspoken owner in Jerry Jones and a rich history, the Dallas Cowboys command the spotlight. They’re referred to as “America’s Team…

“Harder making

Sony is making it harder to buy PS3 and Vita games

Sony may be keeping the PS3 and Vita stores alive, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to shop. Kotaku noticed that Sony is shutting down credit card, debit card and PayPal store payments for its older consoles on October 27th. From then on, you’ll have to either load your virtual wallet (through the…

making Twitter

Twitter is making live video quality better by removing one feature

Twitter announced Tuesday that it’s dropping a feature from its live broadcasts tool, but the company is removing it in service of making your video broadcast quality better. What’s gone? Now, you aren’t able to invite guests to join you in a broadcast via audio ahead of going live. That feature was added in March…


The US is making high-risk property owners bear more of the costs of climate change

The US government’s flood insurance program will see its biggest overhaul in 50 years today, in an effort to rescue it from at least $20 billion in debt brought on by mounting climate change disasters.Homes and businesses in high-risk flood zones with mortgages from government-backed lenders are required to hold flood insurance. Most of these…

easier making

Xbox is making it easier to find accessible games in its stores

Xbox is making it easier to find accessibility information for games, according to an announcement from the company at its Accessibility Showcase. Games in the Microsoft store will have accessibility feature tags, so players with disabilities can make sure games have the features they need before buying or downloading them. The tags are appearing in…

making meals

Making Meals From Mealworms Is ‘Part of the Answer’ to the Climate Crisis, the CEO of Ynsect Says

(To receive weekly emails of conversations with the world’s top CEOs and business decisionmakers, click here.) Global food production accounts for one-third of all greenhouse-gas emissions, according to a comprehensive study published this year in the journal Nature Food that looked at every aspect of food production from transportation to packaging. Meat production alone makes…