Carnage Marvel

How to get Marvel Carnage skin in Fortnite Season 8

Guides Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Pass features the serial-killer symbiote Carnage, and here is how to unlock the prestigious and deadly skin. Published 11 hours agoon September 13, 2021 Carnage is the newest licensed character to join Fortnite’s roster. Here is how to get the Carnage skin in Fortnite Season 8. Fortnite Season 8 is…

Marvel Unlimited

The Marvel Unlimited comics app just got a major overhaul

Kris Holt is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Marvel is rolling out a brand new version of its Marvel Unlimited comics subscription app. Among the updates are exclusive Infinity Comics, which are high-res vertical comics designed for phones and tablets. At the outset, 27 Infinity Comics are available, and you…

“Every Marvel

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, Ranked

Watching 20+ movies sounds daunting, but it’s really not that bad. At the onset of 2021, I embarked upon a rewatch of the feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from 2008’s Iron Man to 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, before eventually screening 2021’s Black Widow in a theater (my first time back in one…

freak Marvel

Marvel fans will freak out when they see this ‘What If…?’ spoiler

When Marvel announced the What If…? anthology a few years ago, I immediately added it to the bottom of the MCU Phase 4 pile. It had an interesting premise, yes. What If…? would tell familiar MCU stories, but with unique twists and endings. Many of the same actors would voice animated versions of our beloved…

Finally Marvel

Finally, some news about the next big Marvel movie everyone’s waiting for

The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings red carpet premiere and limited fan screening didn’t just bring over the official reviews and the fully confirmed plot spoilers. We also got plenty of new interviews from key Marvel players, including Kevin Feige. The man who has been charting the MCU for almost two decades…

Marvel Yassir

Marvel Taps Yassir Lester as Head Writer for Don Cheadle-Led ‘Armor Wars’

Lester was a writer and co-star on Showtime’s ”Black Monday,“ which also starred Cheadle Getty Images Yassir Lester will be the head writer for Marvel Studios’ “Armor Wars,” an individual with knowledge of the series told TheWrap. The series is one of many Marvel is producing for Disney+. The series stars Don Cheadle reprising his…

Contest Marvel

Marvel Contest of Champions: Everything you need to know about the Summoner Showdown 2021

After the Battlerealm was shaken by the 2019 and 2020 Summoner Showdown, the event is back again in Marvel Contest of Champions! The 2021 Summon Showdown has officially kicked off with the first qualifier round. The qualifiers will go on for another two weeks, where players will have to participate in three qualifier rounds, fighting…

Marvel Revealed

Marvel just revealed a ‘What If…?’ multiverse secret on Disney Plus

The first What If…? episode is available on Disney Plus now, delivering Marvel’s first multiverse story after Loki. The first animated series in the MCU is much more exciting now that we know what it really is. Marvel couldn’t reveal that What If…? would be a multiverse adventure before we saw Loki. But as soon…

Marvel spoil

Did Marvel just spoil a big ‘What If…?’ secret in this new commercial?

The first episode from Marvel’s What If…? is now streaming on Disney Plus. We’ll get one new 30-minute animated What If…? episode every Wednesday for the next couple of months. Marvel’s first animated MCU adventure is a lot more exciting than we thought. When Kevin Feige announced the show two years ago, the premise seemed…

Marvel Thrilling

Marvel ‘s “What If…?” is a thrilling ride into the multiverse, albeit with minor irritations

At some point recently, Disney changed the avatar, banner and name on the official Captain America Twitter account over to showcase Captain Carter, star of the “What If . . .?” animated series debut. Chances are you’ve never of Captain Carter before. That’s because in the version of Earth we visit in the Marvel universe’s primary…