Johnny mocks

SNL mocks Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Trial With Testimony Over Bed Poop

‘SNL’ Mocks Depp vs. Heard … Hilarious Testimony Over Bed Poop 5/15/2022 6:16 AM PT Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is a tragic story about the crumbling of a marriage and horrendous allegations … but there’s another layer to this trial that ‘SNL’ dared to say out loud … it’s fun to watch and ridiculously…

mocks Scott

Adam Scott mocks ‘Party down’ Ratings ahead of Revival: “Our Last Episode Had 13,000 Viewers”

Adam Scott has a feeling it might not be too tough for the revived run of Starz’s Party Down to get more attention than the comedy did when its initial episodes aired over a decade ago. The Severance star visited The Late Show on Thursday, where host Stephen Colbert asked Scott about reprising his role…

Insider mocks

An Insider mocks the Endless Progressive Guilt Trip

Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut When You Finish Saving the World skewers the culture of liberal self-scourging. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A n intensely determined social worker played by Julianne Moore drives to work listening to equally intense classical music suggesting her utter, lifelong focus on a dramatic struggle for social justice. Then the camera pulls back…

Biden mocks

CCP mocks Biden to Order Coronavirus Tests From China

The Global Times, an English-language newspaper operated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), wrote an article bragging about President Joe Biden’s reliance on China to implement his coronavirus testing plan. Biden announced a plan last month to deliver 500 million at-home coronavirus tests to Americans across the country. As of Tuesday, citizens may order tests directly from…

Andrew mocks

‘SNL’ Mocks Andrew and Chris Cuomo as Billie Eilish Hosts

‘SNL’ Mocks Cuomo Bros … As Billie Eilish Hosts 12/12/2021 5:38 AM PT ‘SNL’ is nothing if not predictable, and they were true to form Saturday night when they skewered 2 recently-unemployed brothers. Dr. Anthony Fauci — no, really it was Kate McKinnon — was offering advice on how to navigate the holidays in the…

Brutally mocks

SNL Brutally Mocks Ted Cruz’s War Against Big Bird

This week’s Saturday Night Live opened with a very special episode of “Cruz Street,” in which Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz used his new platform on “Newsmax Kids” to continue his bizarre war against Big Bird.“Hello, I’m Texas senator and last one invited to Thanksgiving, Ted Cruz,” he began. “Now, for 50 years, I stood by…

mocks Samsung

Samsung mocks Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth after launching $1,500 jeans

Samsung seems to have quite the inferiority complex when it comes to Apple. And the company takes every chance that it gets to remind us of that. The latest proof comes in the form of Samsung’s new anti-Apple promotion targeting a $19 polishing cloth. Apple released the cloth a few weeks ago, and it sold…

Chappelle mocks

I’m Dave Chappelle, B*TCH! Dave Chappelle mocks cancel culture mob at premiere of his new documentary, gets STANDING O

Dave Chappelle could well be the end of cancel culture as we know it. YAAAAS!Finally, a comedian willing to stand up to the wokes and tell ’em to shove it where the identity politics don’t shine.Dave Chappelle mocks cancel culture at premiere of his new documentary, gets standing ovation.— TMZ (@TMZ) October 10, 2021From…


Johnson Mocks French Outrage Over Submarines After Biden Talks

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