Invisible' mysterious

In outer space, mysterious invisible walls could have been found

Scientists suspect that a “fifth force” may be at work in space. This force, which they believe is mediated by a hypothetical particle called a symmetron is responsible for creating invisible walls in space. The walls aren’t necessarily like the walls of a room. Instead, they are more like barriers. And, they could help explain…

Gamma mysterious

Mysterious gamma Rays in the Centre of Milky Way Could Be From Pulsars

A glow of gamma rays from within our galaxy has long puzzled astronomers, but now it seems they could be produced by a specific type of millisecond pulsar Space 28 April 2022 By Will Gater The diffuse glow of gamma rays along the central plane of the Milky WayNASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration A mysterious gamma-ray glow…

Ceramic mysterious

Mysterious ceramic jars may actually be 900-year-old Crusader hand grenades

Home News The remains of a sphero-conical ceramic vessel found in Jerusalem that researchers suspect was used as a hand grenade during the Crusades. (Image credit: Robert Mason, Royal Ontario Museum)A fragmented ceramic container uncovered in Jerusalem may be an early version of a hand grenade that warriors used during the Crusades around 900 years…

Items mysterious

18 Things That Look Strange but Actually Have a Use

It appears that humans make a lot of objects. According to scientists, the total weight of all man-made things on the planet has reached a milestone of 1.1 trillion metric tons — almost equivalent to the mass of all living things on Earth. With so many things filling up the world, it’s nearly impossible to familiarize ourselves with all of them. And with continuous production and upgrades, it’s also no surprise that…


Mysterious Child Hepatitis Outbreak Could be Linked to Common Cold Virus

Topline At least 169 children in 12 countries have developed severe hepatitis in an unexplained outbreak that researchers believe may be linked to a virus that usually causes mild cold symptoms. A boy is vaccinated against hepatitis B in Merville, France. BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images Key Facts As of Thursday, the World Health Organization had…

mysterious Raspberry

Mysterious new Raspberry Pi alternative is the size of an SD card

Home News Computing (Image credit: MangoPi) At a time when consumers are finding it difficult to get their hands on a new Raspberry Pi, MangoPi is teasing a new single-board computer that is slightly smaller than an SD card.In a recent post on Twitter, MangoPi showed off several pictures of its new unnamed module that…

mysterious waves

Mysterious waves inside the Sun have scientists baffled

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the Sun. While missions like NASA’s Parker Probe will help enlighten us, scientists continue to discover new things that are quite baffling. In fact, scientists are currently baffled by a new type of wave discovered in the Sun. The new waves in the Sun have never been…

Heartland mysterious

Mysterious Heartland virus shows up in Georgia ticks

Home News (Image credit: BackyardProduction/Getty Images) Heartland virus, a rare and potentially fatal virus first identified in Missouri in 2009, has now been detected in ticks in Georgia, according to a new study.The study researchers from Emory University  sampled nearly 10,000 lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum) in central Georgia, finding the Heartland virus in about…

'hypercarnivore' mysterious

Mysterious ‘hypercarnivore’ with blade-like teeth roamed California 42 million years ago

Home News A newly named species of hypercarnivore lived during the Eocene and is not not closely related to any living carnivores. (Image credit: San Diego Natural History Museum (CC 4.0)) An unidentified fossil collected more than three decades ago was actually a mysterious species of saber-toothed carnivore that once stalked prey through the ancient…

Aquamarine mysterious

Aquamarine Is a Mysterious, Aquatic Adventure for 70s Sci-Fi Lovers

You know that feeling of finding an old, yellowing sci-fi novel from the 70s at a used bookstore, with some once-bright planet on the cover alongside a weird, alien creature? If you love that vibe, you might be interested in climbing into the spherical, seafaring pod of Aquamarine to check out its mysterious, dream-like planet.Aquamarine…