Here's Op-Ed

Op-ed: Here’s how Trump or Biden can help save democratic capitalism

IMF employees have joked among themselves for years about when the fund’s bylaws would kick in, requiring them to move from Washington to Beijing. Written when no rival to U.S. economic leadership was in sight, the bylaws require that the headquarters be in the world’s largest economy.They aren’t laughing anymore.The underlying story of this week’s IMF…

Japan's Op-Ed

Op-ed: What Japan’s 1980s boom and bust can tell us about the Chinese economy

In the 1980s, Japan was the envy of the world.Its economy grew rapidly to become the second largest in the world, led by a strong central government, a surging and increasingly productive manufacturing sector, easy access to money and credit, and protective trade policies that spawned huge surpluses with the U.S.Then the bubble burst, followed…

Op-Ed Russia

Op-Ed: The ‘Russia hoax’ probe netted one guilty plea, but it won’t put away Trump’s tormentors

John Durham, the U.S. attorney appointed by Atty. Gen. William Barr to investigate the origins of the Russian probe, now has something to show for his work.But not much.On Tuesday, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to Durham’s charge that he falsified a document: He added his own words to another’s email and forwarded…

chance Op-Ed

Op-Ed: We have one last chance to get the census right, if the White House lets us

The United States has one last chance to get the 2020 census right. It’s not looking good.Delayed for months because of COVID-19, census workers will at last venture out in person in Los Angeles starting Tuesday. They’ll knock on doors at homes whose inhabitants have not yet been counted by phone, online or mail. These…

Op-Ed women

Op-Ed: Now, as in the 1970s, it’s men, not women, who will defeat the Equal Rights Amendment

In February, the House voted to remove the deadline on ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, just weeks after Virginia took a long-delayed vote and pushed the ERA over the 38-state-ratification threshold required by the Constitution. Now, if the Senate seconds the House, the 28th Amendment could become part of the supreme law of the…

Business Op-Ed Verge

Op-ed | On the point of a new age for space exploration? Assessing the impact of the ongoing crisis

by Natalia Larrea — July 4, 2020 For more than 50 years, our desire to explore space has led to new discoveries while providing a continuous stream of socioeconomic benefits here on Earth. Space exploration, moreover, has increasingly cemented itself as a field of high strategic importance for governments around the globe. Credit: NASA artist’s…

change Op-Ed

Op-Ed: Real change on race issues has never come without struggle

Many Americans are invoking the Civil Rights Movement as a model for today’s efforts to create systemic change. We cherish stories of that time as we do comfort food. But there is a lot of warped nostalgia about the movement. We want to roll tape of protesters walking arm and arm singing, “We Shall Overcome”…

Biden Op-Ed

Op-Ed: Joe Biden: No one can stay silent. No one can ignore injustice

In every corner of this country this weekend, George Floyd’s words, which were the words of Eric Garner before him, are echoing from millions of voices in our streets and in our hearts.“I can’t breathe.”And, Friday should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday — a day she didn’t live to see.They are among the latest…

Op-Ed Skanktopia

Op-Ed: Skanktopia — Trump and McCarthy vs America

To explain, because some background is required – McCarthy was a true taste of political oppression and a true demagogue. Taking advantage of the Cold War, he used the original “Reds under the beds” to gain political power. McCarthy started the witch hunts for “communists”, whether they existed or not, ironically using exactly the same…

Australia Op-Ed

Op-Ed: China infuriates Australia — Time for Australia to move on

Just about anything will set off one of these lectures from China. The latest is a statement from US Secretary of State Pompeo. The subject of Pompeo’s statements was Victoria’s Belt and Road interest. Pompeo said that if it posed a problem for the US, they’d simply “disconnect”. That, for the record, is the current…