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Tacos al Pastor

“Tacos al pastor are an institution in Mexico,” writes recipe developer and former BA editor Rick Martinez. “Every grillmaster, taqueria owner, and food cart cook has their version of this classic that fills the streets with the smell of spicy grilled pork with charred pineapple and onion.”The dish may be a signature of Mexican cuisine,…

Minnesota pastor

Minnesota Pastor Resigns amidst Allegations of Abuse and Concealing Abuses by Family Members

A Minnesota pastor and his wife have resigned following allegations of abuse and concealing abuses committed by family members on the church staff.Mark Perryman, the senior pastor of Northridge Church, an Assemblies of God congregation in Owatonna, Minnesota, reportedly resigned last Sunday. His departure comes less than a week after his son-in-law, former associate pastor…

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Pastor Michael Phillips, of the T.D., opens up about his loss and rediscovering his faith after his father’s tragic death

Pastor Michael Phillips of the T.D. Jakes Foundation told the congregation at Jakes’ Potter’s House church in Dallas that he lost his faith after his father died.According to The Christian Post, Phillips said his father was a full-time pastor and a part-time truck driver. His father would take him to the top of his 18-wheeler…

Brooklyn pastor

Brooklyn Pastor stabbed to death by her son: “Please keep all affected in prayer!”

The son of a Brooklyn pastor has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his mother at least 15 times and killing her.According to New York Daily News, Kenji Francis, 40, was arrested at the Upper Room Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. He is charged with the murder of his 61-year-old mother, Tracey reports that…

Georgia pastor

Georgia Pastor and his wife are accused of false imprisonment after at least 8 people were found in their basement

Last week, a Georgia pastor and his wife were arrested and charged with false imprisonment after eight people were found locked in their basement. Their attorney has since spoken out about the matter and has denied the claims against his clients. According to NBC News, Griffin Police Department released a statement and claimed, Pastor Curtis…

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The Church Pastor Claims Jesus “Transgenders Himself” in the Bible

Was Jesus transgender? According to a minister, the answer is yes. At the very least, it would seem, he was gender fluid. As relayed by the Post Millennial, during a London panel last summer, the preacher dropped a bomb. The shellshock may have been minimal, though, as the conference was reportedly on “Queer Theology.” Per…

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Pastor Mike Todd Talks About Using Spit as a Demonstration Technique In His Sermon

Pastor Mike Todd nearly broke the internet on Sunday evening and early Monday. Social media platforms were buzzing with commentary about a viral video in which the pastor is seen spitting on his hand and wiping it across his brother’s face. The demonstration was a reference to when Jesus used his own spit to heal a…

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Iowa Pastor Raised More Than $300,000 to Help 5 Children whose Parents Have Died in a Few Months

An Iowa pastor has raised over $300,000 in just three days to support five young children whose parents died just four months apart.Last Friday, the children’s father, Bazirake Kayira, died in a car accident during an ice storm. Four months earlier, Kayira’s wife died during childbirth.Following the tragic losses of both parents, Pastor Eugene Kiruhura…

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Pastor Shot Dead in Front of Church in Compton, California

Many in Compton, California are asking for an end to violence after a pastor was shot and killed outside the church where he preached.According to ABC 7 News, Rev. Reginald Moore was shot in the chest on Oct. 24 outside of the Upper Room Christian Center. He was found lying in the street holding his…

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Pastor in India Who Lost Wife to COVID-19 Forced to Stop Worship

HYDERABAD, India, November 1, 2021 (Morning Star News) – Pastor Raj Masih and his three children have not been able to return home to their village in eastern India since Sept. 28, when Hindu extremists attacked him.“I returned home bruised that night. My children saw me and were frightened,” Pastor Masih told Morning Star News.…