LGBTQ+ People In Afghanistan In ‘Grave’ Danger Under Taliban, Report Finds

Topline The lives of LGBTQ+ Afghans have “dramatically worsened” since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August, according to a report published Wednesday by Human Rights Watch and OutRight Action International, which details cases of rape, mob attacks and violence against people with “no hope” of state protection and “few good options” to escape. …

Asthma People

Poll: Many People With Asthma Have Mixed Feelings About Masks

By Robert PreidtHealthDay ReporterWEDNESDAY, Jan. 26, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Although they report difficulty breathing and discomfort while wearing a face mask, most people with asthma still use them in public places during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study finds.University of Illinois Chicago researchers conducted an online survey of more than 500 adults with asthma.…

killed People


On Tuesday, in West Indonesia, the two rival groups of the area fight each other in a bar and during the fight they set the Karaoke Bar on fire. The cruel flames of the fire killed nineteen people, the provincial capital police of Sorong. In addition to this, the police said that fights between rival…

Losing People

People losing their marbles as old pastime rises again…

Text byAshley HarrellPhotographs ByChristie Hemm KlokPublished January 24, 2022• 14 min readArcata, CaliforniaOn a drizzly December morning, Damien and Michaela Beauchemin trudge along a redwood trail with their Portuguese water dog, Maui, scanning the duff and listening intently for the sound of a creek. Maui whines and attempts to race ahead, but Michaela holds the…

COVID- People

How Long Can People with Long COVID Recover from Exercise?

Photo: tpawat (Shutterstock)Returning to exercise after any physical setback is tough. You trust yourself to listen to your body, but it’s also tempting to get back out there before you’ve fully recovered. However, jumping back into your fitness routine too soon can cause more harm than good—and this is especially true if you’re dealing with…


People still trust tech, despite global backlash

Workers on gig-economy platforms are protesting, Washington DC and Brussels are cracking down on Apple and Google, and the Chinese government is intent on curbing the influence of its technology firms. But a new survey shows that people trust the tech industry more than any other—even more than healthcare, the sector the world has relied…

People willing

People are more willing to accept pay cuts and loss of benefits in order to work from home

Why it matters: One of the effects of the pandemic is that many people now work from home or use a hybrid home/office system. According to the latest in a long line of surveys showing the same result, the vast majority of employees want to keep it this way—and would be willing to give up…

Certain People

This gene version is less likely to cause severe COVID-19

The new results show that people with a specific version of a gene are less likely to develop severe COVID-19. Earlier research had identified a specific group of genes, called the OAS1/2/3 gene cluster, as being involved in the risk for severe COVID-19. One version of a gene in that cluster –passed down from Neanderthals, appeared…

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People Are Sharing The One Small Event That Changed The Course Of Their Entire Life, And I’m Starting To Think Fate Is Real

“If I had blown off that study session, I probably would not have known the love of my life.” 1. “My grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few years ago. When he called me to tell me he only had six months to live, I stopped at the liquor store on my way home…

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Some people can’t taste or smell a year after COVID

Researchers studying COVID-19 have known for a while that loss of taste and smell are among the most common symptoms (except with the new Omicron variant). But with a few more studies now digging into the connection, there are more clues to why it happens and how it can be treated. Why does COVID-19 cause…