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16 People Who Just Had to Share the Unique Spectacles They Happened to See

The very first photograph was taken in 1826 and almost 200 years later, people take an average of 1.7 trillion photos every year. This is about 4.7 billion pictures per day, which shows how attached people are to their phones. So everyone on the planet can see millions of pictures every day.Bright Side is lucky to have found 16 wonderful pictures that would be hard to explain if we didn’t…

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Unvaccinated People Create Higher Risk for Vaccinated, Study Says

April 27, 2022People who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19 are putting themselves in danger and also are creating a “disproportionate” threat to the health of vaccinated people, even in places with high vaccination rates, says a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.The study by University of Toronto researchers used computer modeling based on the…

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More People Need To Watch the Most Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video

Love twisted psychological thrillers that have you reading Reddit theories about their endings? I have a request.Stop scrolling on whatever streaming service you’ve been staring at, pop onto Prime Video and watch 2013’s low-budget sci-fi flick Coherence ASAP — it’s free for subscribers, right now. I know. I just watched it… for the fourth time. The initial…

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UN report: 40% of the Earth’s land has been destroyed by humans

A new United Nations report released Wednesday shows farming, mining, and logging has marred more than half of the planet. In a portrait of land degradation across the globe, the report describes entire forests razed for timber or pasture; sensitive grasslands and wetlands lost to sprawling cities; and over-exploited lands that have dried up into…

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15 People who know how to surprise their loved ones

People express their love in different ways, and preparing thoughtful gifts is surely one of them. While some believe you should only give presents on holidays and special occasions, others want to brighten up their loved ones’ day with unexpected surprises. 15 creative people we featured in this article decided to give their favorite people touching gifts and put a smile on their faces, and we can’t help but…

Amazon People

Amazonian people are raising stingless honey bees to make medicinal honey

Stingless bees are renowned for their delicious and medicinal honey. Many people, like those in the Peruvian Amazon, rely heavily on the honey from stingless bees to treat infections and heal wounds. In the past, though, harvesting that honey has led to the destruction of the hives. Now, though, the people of the Peruvian Amazon…

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People born in the ’80s not likely to marry their first cohabiting partner

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Compared to people born in the ’70s, who are almost equally likely to marry or separate from their first cohabiting partners, ’80s children are significantly more likely to separate from the first partner they live with, according to researchers from UCL. Published today in Advances in Life Course Research, the peer-reviewed…


When people say ‘people’ online they may mostly be thinking about men

An analysis of 630 billion words published online suggests that people tend to think of men when using gender-neutral terms, a sexist bias that could be learned by AI models Technology 1 April 2022 By Matthew Sparkes Inclusive words used in online text may still be biasedAgata Gladykowska/Alamy When people use gender-neutral words like “people”…

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People raised in cities are worse at navigation: study

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain People who grew up in the country have a better sense of direction and navigational skills than those raised in cities, a study said Wednesday. To find out how childhood environment influences navigation ability, scientists looked at how almost 400,000 people from 38 countries played a mobile video game designed for…

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Are ‘person’ or ‘people’ gender-neutral concepts? New study finds male tilt in analysis of billions of words

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The concept of a “person” or “people” is, despite its definition, not gender-neutral when it comes to how we use these terms. In fact, we tend to prioritize men when referring to people in general, shows a new study by a team of psychology and linguistics researchers. The findings, which are…