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This is the first image NASA will take when it rams into an asteroid

NASA has shared the first photos taken by the DART’s built-in camera system. Launched in November, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test — or DART for short — is an asteroid-defense system. While the spacecraft’s primary mission is to slam into an asteroid later this year, NASA also equipped it with a camera called the DRACO.…

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FACT CHECK: Does This Photo Show A Museum Exhibit In Italy Featuring Bags Of Immigrants Who Died At Sea?

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows an exhibit at a museum on Italy’s Lampedusa island featuring bags owned by immigrants who perished at sea. Verdict: False The photo actually shows possessions of migrants who tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border that were displayed in the U.S. Fact Check: The International Organization of Migration’s Missing…

Grandpa’s photo

Take a Photo of Grandpa’s Remote When You Visit

Photo: CREATISTA (Shutterstock)If you’ve ever been enlisted as tech support via phone for a parent or grandparent trying to work through a problem they’re having with technology, you know how frustrating it can be. You have to figure out how to solve their problem, yes, but you also have to figure out how to talk…

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How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Justin DuinoIt’s easy to clutter up the Photos app with various photo albums. It could be something you created years ago and forgot, or something an app created for you. Here’s how to delete photo albums on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Delete Photo Albums on iPhone and iPad The Photos app on the iPhone and…

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Photo | Julian Lane gets huge ‘Let Me Bang’ tattoo to commemorate infamous TUF moment

The Ultimate Fighter season 16 and 25 contestant Julian Lane has taken his gimmick to the next level. Forever solidified in infamy, the 12-9-1 “Nitrane” Lane is commonly known for a viral moment that happened on his first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Already eliminated from the tournament…


(Photo: Business Wire)

Textron Aviation Defense LLC today announced a $143 million contract with the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) for an Integrated System in support of the 41 st Wing light attack operations at Chiang Mai Air Base. The historic contract — for eight Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine aircraft, ground support equipment, spare parts, training and other equipment…

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Photo trickery captures ethereal jellyfish ‘ballet’ in Spanish lake

Home News ‘Medusa Ballet’ was voted overall winner at the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 competition. (Image credit: Angel Fitor/European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021)A clever photographer has used some camera trickery to capture a stunning shot of what appear to be around a dozen “dancing” jellyfish in a Spanish lake. But…

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How to Stop Dropbox’s Photo Imports on Windows 10 and 11

After installing Dropbox on your Windows PC and inserting a memory card or USB stick, Windows might ask you if you want to import photos and videos to Dropbox. If this gets on your nerves, you can disable it in Settings. Here’s how. The Windows 10 and Windows 11 feature that allows Dropbox to bother…

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Google Home app gets new Photo Frame settings and possible Weather Frog display option

Google Home, the companion app for Google’s smart home products, is changing the way users interact with photos on the app and on Nest Hub devices. 9to5Google first noticed the changes, which include a revamped Photo Frame settings menu. Now, when you use Google Home to change the displayed album while your Nest Hub is…

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Leaked photo of Facebook’s Meta smartwatch shows camera notch

Meta — that is, the company formerly known as Facebook — may be developing a smartwatch that can take photos and videos. Bloomberg has published an image showing a smartwatch with rounded corners similar to the Apple Watch, except it also has a notch with a front-facing camera. App developer Steve Moser found the image…