Became Pounds

How This Guy Lost 85 Pounds, Got Fit, and Became a Personal Trainer

As a teenager, Stephen Campolo tried out for baseball several times in high school, but never made it onto the team due to his weight. “Being overweight, it sucked,” he says. “When you’re young, people judge you on your appearance, you know, I got bullied a lot.”In a recent episode of the Truly series Brand…

Grain Pounds

Cows Use 2.5 Pounds of Grain Per Pound Not Ten Pounds

Cows Use 2.5 Pounds of Grain Per Pound Not Ten Pounds Brian Wang | April 3, 2021 | A pig or chicken spends its life-consuming feed concentrates while most beef is raised on grass to a weight of 750 pounds prior to entering the feedyard. The average slaughter weight of a steer is 1,300 pounds,…

Andra Pounds

Andra Day Lost 40 Pounds, Smoked Cigarettes & Drank Hard Liquor into Portray Billie Holiday

Andra Day¬†endured “a pretty wild journey” to portray¬†Billie Holiday, which included intense weight loss as well as new smoking and drinking habits.

months Pounds

I Lost 140 Pounds in Just 10 Months After I Started Running and Meal Prep

At 23 years old, I weighed more than 300 pounds. Now my life is completely different.