-year-old punches

Man punches 4-year old, kicks cop during afternoon Times Square attack

An unhinged man with a history of attacking strangers randomly slugged a 4-year-old boy in the head in Times Square — then promptly got lit up like the lights on Broadway by two women, with the child’s mother also stepping in to help restrain him until officers arrived, law enforcement sources and prosecutors said. Babacar Mbaye,…

Intel’s punches

Intel’s 12400F punches above its weight class, may be a serious budget competitor

Something to look forward to: Intel’s latest batch of processors continue to prove that a smaller process node is not always better (albeit necessary). While the Intel 7 process node and big.LITTLE architecture have proven effective on the Core i7 and i9 product lines, Alder Lake’s increased IPC and node enhancements are giving Intel’s little…

pulls punches

‘SNL’ pulls no punches in ridiculing Mark Zuckerberg amidst Facebook chaos

 Social media giant Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg became a laughing stock at Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment. Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che didn’t hold themselves back in ridiculing the company after an eventful week at the Facebook HQs over a whistleblower’s revelations about the firm and the application facing an outage…