Remember Sharpiegate

Remember Sharpiegate? The White House has a plan in place to stop future shenanigans.

The Biden administration released a comprehensive plan Tuesday aimed at restoring integrity to governmental science agencies and preventing political interference.  The report, the first of its kind, was created by the Scientific Integrity Task Force, an interagency effort launched last year by President Joe Biden. The group is based within the White House, but collaborates…

moments Remember

21 memorable moments for the Boston Celtics 2021

Every year is filled with memorable moments, even the bad ones. And for most of us, 2021 was by no means a good year for the most part with a pandemic churning and hosts of other issues tied to it and otherwise generally making life harder for all of us, the Boston Celtics included. But…

Remember Season

Ten ways to recall the 2021 MiLB Season

10 ways to remember the 2021 MiLB season


Remember, It Takes a Team to Pull the Sleigh (CARTOON)

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Remember Retro

Retro: Do you remember when the acclaimed novelist Martin Amis destroyed Donkey Kong?

Image: NintendoOne of the most influential and acclaimed novelists of his generation, award-winning writer Martin Amis – famous for books such as Money, London Fields and The Information – isn’t the kind of name you’d perhaps expect to see on a site about video games, but in the early ’80s, Amis was gripped by video…

Remember stressful

Why do we remember stressful experiences better?

Stressful experiences are usually remembered more easily than neutral experiences. Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have analysed the reasons why this is the case. They put people in stressful situations during simulated job interviews and then recorded their memory of objects from these interviews. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, they analysed brain activity while the…

Remember Victims

Will We Remember the Victims of the Kabul Drone Strike?

For 20 years, the War on Terror has brought death and destruction to countless countries. Will we remember the victims? September 29, 2021 EDITOR’S NOTE:&nbspThis article originally appeared at To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from As a parting shot, on its way out of Afghanistan, the…

Remember These

Remember These Foul (Yet Often Forgotten) Places in Your Fall Cleanup

Photo: VGstockstudio (Shutterstock)Most of us know the basic things that should be included on our home and garden fall cleaning checklists (whether we do them or not is another story). Things like: Deep cleaning the house, replacing HVAC filters, installing storm windows, clearing out gutters, and storing outdoor furniture. But there are some areas we…