finding resilience

Finding resilience: Para rowers upend notions of ability

Community Rowing Inc. in Brighton, Massachusetts, is the largest public-access boathouse in the country and has a highly resourced, competitive para rowing program. CRI also hosts the Paralympics National Training Camp.Pearl Outlaw, whose vision deteriorated over the course of her childhood, rows at CRI.  Why We Wrote This Fortitude, courage, patience, persistence – all sorts of…

resilience struggle

Struggle and resilience: Lessons from the class of 2021

Denver When sports practices were abruptly canceled at his high school on March 12, 2020, Michael Liao, then a junior, started to worry how much the pandemic would affect his school – and particularly his upcoming theater performance. The next morning, he woke to an email announcing that in-person classes would be canceled for the…

Collapse resilience

Resilience, not collapse: What the Easter Island myth gets wrong

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — New research from Binghamton University, State University of New York suggests that the demographic collapse at the core of the Easter Island myth didn’t really happen. You probably know this story, or a version of it: On Easter Island, the people cut down every tree, perhaps to make fields for agriculture or…

approach resilience

Resilience hubs: A new approach to Emergency response

Washington When Minneapolis erupted last year following the death in police custody of George Floyd, some officials worried their ability to respond to the social unrest was hamstrung by years of mounting distrust of government.That prompted concerns about how the city could effectively respond to any crisis situation, now and in the longer term.Ron Harris,…

Fisheries resilience

Fisheries resilience following Tohoku tsunami

IMAGE: Embarking for Gill Net Fishing at Midnight. view more  Credit: H.Takakura A small Japanese fishing community devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 managed to recover from the disaster through cooperative community activity despite the propensity for individualist-competitive behavior within fisheries – cooperative activity that continued many years later. A social…

Pillars resilience

The Five Pillars of Resilience Engineering

Keeping systems up and running has become even more critical given today’s distributed workforce. Here are five ways to keep your engineering team ready for anything.In today’s “Always On” world, just being available from the infrastructure perspective is not enough. Services not only need to be responding to requests — but they also need to…

replay resilience

Resilience against replay attacks in computer systems

From power grids and telecommunications to water supply and financial systems, digital data controls the infrastructure systems on which society relies. These complex, multi-tier systems depend on layered communications to accomplish their tasks – yet every point of contact becomes a potential target, every path of information a potential weak spot for malicious actors to…