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How to make restaurants safer during the pandemic

It’s a cruel irony that the things that make a restaurant appealing are precisely what currently make it dangerous—the intimacy, the coziness, the groups of people deep in conversation, whiling away the hours over drinks and a meal. Eating in a restaurant is one of the riskiest things you can do during the coronavirus pandemic. …

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Restaurants to showcase healthier immune-boosting choices in Healthy Dining’s soon-to-be-released MyMenu Concierge

No cost to restaurants for this industry-wide revival initiative San Diego, CA  (  The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed health and well-being to a heightened level of consumer awareness, like never before. Many restaurant customers are focused on optimizing health and boosting immune systems for energy and performance, while others are working to avoid the ‘Quarantine…

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Is it safe to eat at indoor restaurants during COVID-19? What you need to know

Right now, indoor dining comes with a risk that it’s important to understand. Hal Bergman/Getty Images For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website. Like everything else in life, eating out at restaurants takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. When it comes to COVID-19 risk, we…

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#1 Waffles for Restaurants – Serve Golden Malted Waffles – America’s Favorite

October 14, 2020 · · Glen Mills, PA  (  Now you can add the #1 rated hotel & restaurant waffle to your menu.  Golden Malted Waffles are featured in over 60 countries and are proven to generate repeat business and positive customer reviews. Golden Malted’s mixes are easy and cost-effective to add to your menu.…

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I Miss Restaurants, So I Opened My Own…for a Chipmunk

The aromatic broth of vegetable scraps, mushrooms, and scallions simmers on the stove. I place a twirl of noodles into a bamboo bowl, ladle in the steaming broth, add chopped shiitakes and bamboo shoots, then tweezer on a few sesame seeds for flavor and garnish. There is a diner already seated at my new ramen-ya,…

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Momofuku CEO: Restaurants ‘need to diversify’ after COVID

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The best restaurants for outdoor dining near NYC

October 13, 2020 | 1:18am Enlarge Image An eatery in Mountain Dale, NY, set up a venue called Creek Bar out back for scenic outdoor dining. Nadia Tarr For New Yorkers craving social distance from the city itself, get away safely to one of these area restaurants. The eateries boasting ample outdoor dining, a distinctive…

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A&W Restaurants Set Another Sales Growth Record in August

Franchise Business Review Names A&W a Top Food and Beverage Franchise Lexington, KY  (  August sales at franchised A&W Restaurants grew 8.2% over last year, following double-digit increases in February, May, June and July. Systemwide, year-to-date same-store sales growth is at the highest level since franchisees acquired the brand in 2011. “This is a remarkable…

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More New Restaurants Opening After COVID!

( has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website. Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time.  To see leads in your sales area click here. Click on the…