Republicans Retreat

California Republicans are on the Retreat

Shifting tides after the attempted recall vote show that voters are concerned more with policy than with rhetoric. January 7, 2022 As the new year got underway, conservative radio host and onetime California gubernatorial hopeful Larry Elder announced that he wouldn’t run against Gavin Newsom in the 2022 election. The decision was met with something…


The Five Keys to a Successful Team Retreat in the Age of COVID

As you may know, Team SPI is completely remote! This means we don’t often get the chance to get together in person—except for our annual summits. During the challenging last ~two years of COVID, that in-person experience has been… hard to come by. That’s why this past summer, with vaccines finally a reality, SPI leadership…

Retreat village

A Village Retreat with Modern Comforts at Guizhou’s Well House

The 600 year-old Dali Dong Village (大利侗寨), known as the Pearl Hidden in the Mountains, maintains its traditional architecture and pace of life while simultaneously appealing to travelers not wanting to forego modern comforts. Image by Sophie Steiner/That’sThe timeworn wooden buildings flank a central river and well system, surrounded by terraced rice fields that reflect the…