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This data scientist’s model shows Biden is still a 3-to-1 favorite to win—but he’s fading in the home stretch

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Scientists program robot swarm to count penguins

Oct. 28 (UPI) — Penguins occupy ecosystems increasingly vulnerable to climate change. Tracking their abundance and distribution is vital to the project of tracking global warming’s ecological effects — but counting penguins is difficult work. To make the task of tallying the size of penguin colonies a bit easier, researchers recruited the assistance of not…

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Data scientists are trying to make the internet accessible in every language

If you speak one of about two dozen dominant languages, the internet is your oyster.You can navigate the web in your own tongue. If you come across a website or document in an unfamiliar language, your browser will instantly translate for you. Search engines can intuit what you’re looking for from a few cryptic keywords.…

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Scientists Discover the First Room-Temperature Superconductor

A team of physicists in New York has discovered a material that conducts electricity with perfect efficiency at room temperature—a long-sought scientific milestone. The hydrogen, carbon, and sulfur compound operates as a superconductor at up to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the team reported in Nature. That’s more than 50 degrees higher than the previous high-temperature superconductivity…

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Scientists Dug Through 5,000 Years of Penguin Poo And Found a Chilling Warning

Seabird poop, or guano, has the power to nourish ecosystems, is worth millions of dollars, and leave a visual impression that can be seen from space. Now, scientists have scoured 14,000 years of poop from penguins, petrels, and shearwaters, preserved in the peatlands of the Falkland Islands, according to a study published on Friday in…

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Here’s why scientists think women are better suited to space travel

Are women better astronauts than men? This question will become central to the selection of crews to the Moon, Mars, and beyond as we undertake the colonization of space. In the struggle for gender equality, women have already proven they are capable of doing anything — including conquering space, showing that not even the sky…

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Computer Scientists Break the ‘Traveling Salesperson’ Record

When Nathan Klein started graduate school two years ago, his advisers proposed a modest plan: to work together on one of the most famous, long-standing problems in theoretical computer science. Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science…

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Scientists are worried about the impact of Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes flooding

Recent high water levels of Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes have flooded properties and displaced communities, most notably around Lakes Baringo and Naivasha.There are many lakes along the length of the African Rift Valley, which runs from the Red Sea in the north to Mozambique in the south. Kenya’s eastern Rift Valley has a string of…

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Scientists Have Been ‘Abysmal’ With COVID Forecasts, British Official Says

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, or IDS as he is so often referred to, has spent 28 years in Britain’s Parliament. In that time, he’s served as Conservative Party leader, been a vocal campaigner for Brexit and was the architect of the controversial Universal Credit scheme, a social security payment in the U.K. that critics have…

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Scientists Trapped In Ice for Past Year Return With a Dire Warning

Polarstern at the beginning of MOSAiC in September 2019. Image: Janek UinThe largest Arctic expedition in history came to an end on Monday as the research vessel Polarstern returned to her homeport in Bremerhaven, Germany, more than a year after setting out on a groundbreaking—or more accurately, ice-breaking—polar voyage. Since its departure from Norway on…