reportedly scraps

Meta Reportedly Scraps a VR/AR Operating System It’s Been Working on For Years

Meta has scrapped a software OS that the company has been working on for years, which would have powered Oculus VR and AR headsets, The Information reports.Speaking with two people familiar with the situation, The Information reports that development on a new VR/AR OS had been in the works for several years and involved hundreds…

Amazon scraps

Amazon scraps new ban on phones in warehouses ‘until further notice’

Amazon is loosening its control of workers’ activities as safety concerns mount. The internet retailer has confirmed to Bloomberg that it will back off a rejuvenated effort to ban personal phones in warehouses. Staff were told on December 17th they could keep their phones at hand “until further notice.” The company banned phones in warehouses…

Blizzard scraps

Blizzard scraps plans for its online-only BlizzCon 2022 event

In brief: Blizzard is making some changes to its event plans amidst a slew of sexual assault allegations and scrutiny from federal investigators. Instead of hosting an online-only “BlizzConline” convention next year, the company is scrapping the concept entirely so it can funnel its resources into what it feels matters most: developing games. Blizzard says…