Season Worcs


This past weekend the World Offroad Racing Series (WORCS) had their 2022 season opening round in  Nevada. The racing was action packed the entire weekend. New KTM off-road racing team manager Timmy Weigand has got to be happy, his factory supported riders dominated the top step of the professional podiums…

Infinite' Season

Halo Infinite Season 2 allows players to earn store credit through game progression

Something to look forward to: Last week 343 Industries announced incoming changes to cosmetics pricing in the Halo Infinite store. The changes were based on feedback from the game community after continuously criticizing its microtransaction cosmetic upgrades. The developer has now taken its response one step further and announced its intention to make credits earnable…

Ozark Season

Ozark season 4 Part 1 has just been released on Netflix. People are grabbing

The proposal that cartel kingpin Omar Navarro lays out for Marty Byrde in Ozark season 4 is straightforward. Jason Bateman’s Byrde — a brilliant accountant from Chicago who’s committed any number of misdeeds on behalf of the cartel now, across four seasons of the hit Netflix series — has one more job to do. “You…

Season Slopes

The 12 Best Skis for the Season

We’re solidly in the middle of ski season, so if your current pair isn’t getting the job done, the time is now to upgrade and find something that will. Whether you’re a mountain veteran or a budding novice, navigating the web for a new pair of skis can be a tricky process. That’s why we’ve…

Cuffing Season

What is Cuffing Season? Is it a real thing?

As soon as the weather begins to cool, ungulates like caribou and elk begin to pair up and mate in anticipation of the coming winter. The timing works out well for their resulting progeny, which are born in the warmer weather of spring when blooming vegetation provides their mothers with abundant nutrition. Some believe that…

Season Yellowjackets

The Yellowjackets Lottie Matthews, Season 1’s Finale, Wants All Eyes

The following story contains spoilers for the Yellowjackets Season 1 finale. The Season 1 finale of Yellowjackets did exactly what you’d expect the Season 1 finale of a big, expansive, mystery show to do: tie up a few unanswered questions, while introducing so many more. They already have us on the hook—they need to keep…

Season Yellowjackets

The Best Yellowjackets Season 1 Theories

Gather round the fire, folks…today we are accidentally eating shrooms, cooking up our teammates, and whispering about the various mysteries that have unfolded—so far—over the course of Season One of Yellowjackets. Showtime’s gripping new drama follows the Yellowjackets high school girls soccer team after their private plane to the 1996 national championships crashes in the…

criticized Season

Criticized All Season and 1 Throw Changes Stetson Bennett’s Georgia Legacy Forever

INDIANAPOLIS — Stetson Bennett is not the champion most Georgia fans wanted. He’s certainly not the one they expected…

Euphoria Season

Fez Beat Nate up in the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere

The season premiere of Euphoria held nothing back. Like previous episodes of the show, the episode gave a detailed backstory to one of the main characters, this time Fez (played by Angus Cloud)—the local drug dealer who often hangs out with Rue (and attends the high school parties). We find out more about his childhood…

review Season

2021 NFL Season in Review: What went wrong and what’s next?

The Jaguars fired their coach and have the draft’s No. 1 pick, and the Browns missed the playoffs, again. What’s next for non-playoff teams in 2022…