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The UK Sends $230 Million More Aid to Ukraine

On Monday, Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister announced an additional $230 million aid for Ukraine. Mr. Johnson said in a news conference with his Canadian and Dutch counterparts that “This is the moment for Ukraine’s friends to create a coalition of humanitarian, economic, and defensive military support to ensure that Putin fails in this…

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Elon Musk’s Views on Sending a Starship to Mars

Elon Musk may usually be a man of few words where Twitter is concerned, but when he does speak, the internet is always there to listen. This time, Musk sent out two very succinct tweets about the recently revealed SpaceX Starship Animation video. The animation comes as part of a keynote, delivered by Musk himself…

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NASA is sending a solar sail spacecraft after an asteroid

When NASA launches its uncrewed Artemis I mission to the moon, it will have a small companion along for the ride. At the same time as it carries the Orion capsule (which will orbit the moon), the Space Launch System rocket will also carry a tiny shoebox-sized smallsat called the Near-Earth Asteroid Scout (NEA Scout)…

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Australia sending troops to Solomon Islands as unrest grows

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia announced Thursday it is sending police, troops and diplomats to the Solomon Islands to help after anti-government demonstrators defied lockdown orders and took to the streets for a second day in violent protests.Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the deployment includes a detachment of 23 federal police officers and up to 50…

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NASA is sending Snoopy items to space on Artemis I mission

NASA will send Snoopy to space as part of its Artemis I mission, the space agency has revealed. The popular character will serve two purposes: the physical objects will act as gravity indicators, while the idea of Snoopy in space will help educate kids about space travel and, potentially, inspire some of them to pursue…

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Microsoft is sending out free gift cards worth up to $100 each

By Trevor Mogg November 11, 2021 8:20PM Microsoft is getting into the holiday mood by sending out tens of thousands of virtual gift cards worth up to $100 each. Recipients of the free gift are being selected at random, so if you have a Microsoft account then be sure to check your inbox (and junk…