German slowdown

Slowdown in German industry’s recovery casts doubt over outlook

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Business Postal slowdown

A Postal Slowdown Is Scary for Those Who Get Meds By Mail

About four or five times a week, Emerald—a pseudonym to protect her identity—feels a stabbing pain behind her eyes or at the back of her head. Lights get brighter. Sounds are louder, sometimes so loud that they’ll cause her physical pain or make her start vomiting. Emerald suffers from complex migraine syndrome, and at the…

Postal slowdown

Postal slowdown threatens election breakdown

Freelance writer Mark Delaney tells me he took this photo Aug. 8 of a postal worker in Portland, Ore., removing mailboxes. Via TwitterIn 24 hours, signs of a pre-election postal slowdown have moved from the shadows to the spotlight, with evidence emerging all over the country that this isn’t a just a potential threat, but…

slowdown Worldwide

Worldwide slowdown in fishing unlikely to save rare species

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Commercial fishing taking place worldwide has dipped since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but scientists and conservation experts say it’s unclear if the slowdown will help endangered species of marine life recover.Hours logged by fishermen at sea fell by nearly 10% around the world after the March 11 declaration of…

Coronavirus General slowdown

Coronavirus Slowdown in Seattle Suggests Restrictions Are Working

Officials in Washington State worry that their gains are precarious, but they see evidence that containment strategies have lowered the rate of virus transmission.A sign on Interstate 5 in Seattle encouraged social distancing. Containment efforts in the region appear to be starting to slow the coronavirus’s spread.Credit…Ruth Fremson/The New York TimesMarch 29, 2020Updated 8:59 p.m.…

Coronavirus slowdown Trending

Coronavirus slowdown in US seen from space

Image copyright MAXAR Satellite images of normally busy locations in the US show how the coronavirus is having an impact on travel and tourism.Car is no longer king – even in the US. Traffic is down on the 101 interstate in downtown Los Angeles. Interactive Roads are clearer – like the 101 highway interchange, downtown…