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Solar parks could boost bumble bee numbers in a win-win for nature

Bumble bee in UK solar park. Credit: Hollie Blaydes. New research shows that simple changes to how UK solar parks are managed could boost ground nesting bumble bee populations in the parks and surrounding areas, providing an additional benefit on top of renewable energy. These preliminary results will be presented at Ecology Across Borders on…


Solar Ash (PC)

by Miles Gregory , posted 5 hours ago / 385 ViewsI skate atop non-newtonian clouds suspended in the abyss. Surrounding me are the remains of demolished societies and decimated metropolises of varying planets coalesced into an urban sprawl of utter desolation. Subway systems and buildings have been ripped apart and scattered haphazardly. An alien woman…

Solar System

Is our solar system a cosmic oddity? Evidence from exoplanets says yes

When we started finding planetary systems around other stars we thought many of them would be like ours. We’ve now found hundreds – and it’s so far, so wrong Space 1 December 2021 By Stuart Clark Duc LOng Once upon a time, there was a solar system. In it lived four small rocky planets called…

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How to Get Your Solar Panels Ready for Winter

Photo: ND700 (Shutterstock)Let’s start with the good news: Solar panels can continue to produce energy throughout the winter, even when temperatures really drop. (If you purchased solar panels for your home and live somewhere with cold winters, you probably already know this.) But the less-convenient news is that if your area is also prone to…

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Studying our solar system’s protective bubble

Is this what the heliosphere looks like? BU-led research suggests so. The size and shape of the magnetic “force field” that protects our solar system from deadly cosmic rays has long been debated by astrophysicists. Credit: Merav Opher, et. al A multi-institutional team of astrophysicists headquartered at Boston University, led by BU astrophysicist Merav Opher,…

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The only total solar eclipse of 2021 creates dazzling sight over Antarctica

Home News Skywatching The only total solar eclipse of 2021 took place under especially isolated circumstances today, sweeping over sparsely populated Antarctica and surrounding areas to create a spectacular sight visible to only a few dedicated eclipse chasers in its path..The partial phase of the solar eclipse began Saturday (Dec. 4) at 2 a.m. EST…

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Solar Ash review: Hyper Light Drifter follow-up keeps the momentum going

“Graceful movement and jaw-dropping fights against colossal monsters make Solar Ash a worthy follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter.” Pros Pleasurable movement Awe-inspiring boss fights Inventive world design Fantastic score Cons Some weak story beats Camera can half momentum Solar Ash is a perfect example of what makes video games such a unique artistic medium: It…

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Explore the solar system with this STEM kit for 65% off this Cyber Monday!

Home News Entertainment (Image credit: Playz) Explore the solar system with the Playz Solar System for Kids Exploration kit, now on sale for Cyber Monday!This set is the perfect STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) gift for the kids in your life ready to explore outer space.Playz Solar System for Kids Exploration Kit is 65%…

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Parker Solar Probe completes a record-setting swing by the sun

Parker Solar Probe is in the 10th of 24 planned, progressively closer orbits around the Sun. the spacecraft, built and operated at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, launched on Aug. 12, 2018. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL Blazing along at space-record speeds that would get it from Earth to the Moon in…

Europe's Solar

Europe’s Solar Orbiter will fly by Earth tonight. Here’s how to spot it in the night sky.

Home News Skywatching The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter spacecraft passes above Earth tonight (Nov. 26) and might be visible from parts of the U.S. and western Africa with either simple binoculars or an amateur telescope.The spacecraft, which will have to fly through areas of Earth’s orbit with the highest concentration of space debris, will…