Business engine-powered Someone

Someone made a gas engine-powered Nerf gun using RC parts

Why it matters: Mods like this aren’t terribly practical (this one, for example, is very loud) but it’s neat to see what is possible when thinking outside the box. And who knows, with a bit more refinement, perhaps a marketable product or an improvement to an existing toy could emerge. We’ve seen some pretty formidable…

managing Someone

Managing Someone Whose Life Has Been Upended

Photo by Cathy Scola/Getty Images The pandemic marks the first time in a century that the entire planet is going through the same disruption at the same time. For businesses, that means every employee is going through a life transition at the same time. Those transitions range from the loss of a loved one to…

Business Someone transferred

Someone has transferred ~$1 billion from a bitcoin wallet quiet since 2015

WINDFALL — Wallet is likely tied to Silk Road, the underground crime bazar shut down in 2013. Dan Goodin – Nov 4, 2020 9:25 pm UTC Nearly $1 billion in bitcoin has been transferred out of a mysterious wallet that has been quiet since 2015. The haul of slightly more than 69,369 BTC—worth about $975…

Business Leaked Someone

Someone leaked the COVID hospitalization data taken from the CDC

Missing data — After a change in reporting procedure, daily updates vanished. John Timmer – Oct 31, 2020 3:35 pm UTC Earlier this year, the federal government made a major change to how data on the pandemic is reported, taking the aggregation of hospital data away from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and…

Business managed Someone

Someone managed to install and run Crysis 3 through the RTX 3090’s VRAM

An enthusiastic software engineer with the Twitter handle, Strife212, has demonstrated that the RTX 3090 is so powerful, it can install and run Crysis 3 directly from its 24GB of VRAM.To do so, Strife212, used a program called VRAM Drive to make a 15GB virtual disk on the GPU’s VRAM before physically installing the game…

Someone Would

Would You Date Someone With Different Political Beliefs? Here’s What a Survey of 5,000 Single People Revealed

To the long list of institutions with which America’s current political divisions are messing, we can now add dating. There has been, according to reports from several corners, a sharp increase in the number of single people who would simply decline to date anyone who did not share their political persuasion. Increasingly, people who want…

Business Forgot Someone

Someone here forgot about Clevo P870TM, with its 95W CPU and two 200W GPUs

The GeForce RTX 3080 has an insane 320 W TDP. What will this mean for laptops? (Source: Nvidia)Even the biggest and fastest laptops at the moment carry “only” the 150 W – 180 W TDP GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. Exactly how Nvidia will translate its massive 320 W desktop GeForce RTX 3080 to mobile form…

Someone Yankees

The Yankees and Rays need to drop their beef before someone gets hurt

There aren’t many scarier scenarios in professional sports than a 101 MPH fastball from Aroldis Chapman coming at your head. That’s the position Rays pinch hitter Mike Brosseau found himself in on Tuesday night as Tampa Bay trailed the New York Yankees by two runs with two outs in the ninth inning. Brosseau can count…

believe Someone

Can you believe someone bet $25,000 on Mariya Agapova at UFC on ESPN 15?

Shana Dobson scored one of the biggest upsets in the UFC history Saturday night and, in the process, cost somebody a lot of money. Dobson, who entered UFC on ESPN 15 as a +800 underdog, defeated massive favorite Mariya Agapova by second-round TKO  Just how big of a favorite was Agapova? As high as -1400. To…

Business Someone Zelda-Version

Someone Made A Zelda-Version Of Bloodborne Called Yarntown

There’s a new indie game on the market that will have Bloodborne fans excited as you’re getting a retro game called Yarntown. The game was created by indie developer Max Mraz who used the Solarus engine to make the game. You’ll hear this a lot when it comes to describing it, but there is no…