Capri speaking

Kid Capri Is Speaking For Himself

Age ain’t nothing but a number nowadays, particularly in Hip-Hop, as the last decade has seen several artists, producers, and DJs achieve success, acclaim, and relevancy well into their 40s and 50s. These figures are considered timeless, as their sheer exuberance and love of the game result in their birthdate becoming an afterthought as they…

Palestinian speaking

The cost of speaking out for Palestinian rights

From: UpFrontAre accusations of antisemitism being used to silence support for Palestinian rights?“This effort to specifically redefine anti-Semitism in a way that encompasses basically any criticism of Israel has really gained ground in the last several years,” says Dima Khalidi, founder and director of Palestine Legal. “To the extent that this definition has been codified…


RFK Jr., Lara Logan Speaking At Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest In D.C.

Topline Protestors began marching on Washington D.C. Sunday, planning to march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial in objection to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Demonstrators participate in a Defeat the Mandates march in Washington, DC, on January 23, 2022. … [+] (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Key…