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‘A great pick’: Top spies compliments Biden selection of Amb. William Burns to go CIA

Veterans of the spy agency say the CIA will benefit from his foreign policy experience. If confirmed, Burns would be the first career diplomat to lead the CIA.

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Hey, soldiers and spies — think twice about that home genetic ancestry evaluation

If you’re a spy or a soldier, and you’re thinking of taking one of those home-based genetic tests for health or genealogical reasons through 23andMe, and others, you might want to rethink it.The big omnibus spending package that Congress passed early this week — which President Donald Trump has criticized, demanding changes from Congress…

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Mars lander spies the planet’s deep boundaries

SummaryFor 2 years, NASA’s InSight spacecraft has been on the surface of Mars, spending much of that time listening with sensitive seismometers for marsquakes to glean the planet’s internal structure, and the processes that in turn formed it. That hunt has been harder than hoped, because of howling winds, defiant martian soil, and a mysterious…