Imposters steal

Imposters steal restaurants’ names in delivery app deception

Ordering delivery through an app like DoorDash or GrubHub saves the trouble of cooking and lets you be a little picky — you can order from your favorite restaurant. But imagine receiving your food, sitting down to eat, and it tasting… different. And then, following your gut, you learn that you’ve been duped by a…

Galaxies steal

Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their smaller neighbors

Astronomers have discovered that large galaxies are stealing the material that their smaller counterparts need to form new stars.

Chiefs steal

When the Chiefs could steal one player out of the Buccaneers, who would it be?

Vita Vea and Chris Jones would just crush people. Can you even imagine?

Buccaneers steal

When the Buccaneers could steal 1 player from the Chiefs, who would it be?

Travis Kelce, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and the rest of the Buccaneers offense would be unstoppable.