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5 Things You’ll Experience When You Get “Hangxiety”

1 Down and Out It’s all fun and games until the morning after the party before. On waking, you’re likely to experience ‘higher levels of noradrenaline,seen in the fright-fight-flight response,’ says Dr Tony Rao, a mental health specialist at King’s College London. Stress hormone cortisol also tends to be higher during hangovers. Put on a…


Five Things Science Has Learned about How to Live a Happy, Meaningful Life in 2021

This year has been a banner year for science as researchers around the globe turned out vaccines and new therapeutics in near miraculous times. But the pandemic hasn’t just turned up the pressure on our physical health. It’s been a pressure cooker for our mental health too. And just as brilliant medical researchers have been racing…

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Stranger Things’ True Story is Based on a Mind-Blowing Experiment by the CIA

These days, it sometimes feels like the whole world is upside-down, but what if we told you that the Upside-Down in Stranger Things is actually real? While that’s clearly not true, other elements of the show are apparently based on real-life events. Grab yourself a slurpee and settle in for a weird conspiracy story that…

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Have you just bought a Mac? These 10 things are the most important

Got a new M1 Mac this holiday season? If this is the first Mac you’ve ever owned, a hearty congratulations! Your new Mac is easy to use and more powerful than it’s ever been. As easy as the Mac is, doing some things may not be instantly obvious, and you owe it to yourself to…

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11 strange things that washed ashore in 2021

Home News Beaches across the globe saw their share of weird blobs wash ashore. Sometimes this shoreline debris was small and weird, like a tangled rope coral that found its way onto a beach in Texas, or the tar balls that dotted Israel’s Mediterranean coastline in February. Other times, the organisms numbered in the millions,…

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The First 15 Things You Should Cook In Your New Air Fryer

Image: Jimmy Hasse, Photo: Claire LowerThis year felt, in many ways, like a repeat of the one that came before it. Covid is still around, our healthcare system still sucks, and eating inside restaurants still feels like a dangerous and mildly irresponsible activity. Another (happier) thing that didn’t change all that much was the air…

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Hospital Bed Rental Business

Toronto, Ontario, 21st Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Planning to initiate a medical equipment rental business? Well, that’s really a brilliant idea. Medical equipment rental business whether small or large brings huge profit potential. Like every business, starting a medical equipment rental business also necessitates burning the midnight oil with due diligence, and enthusiasm. If you’re tempted…

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Things Get Heated Between Vice President Kamala Harris And Charlamagne Tha God During Recent Interview

Roommates, things got a little spicy between Vice President Kamala Harris and Charlamagne Tha God when he questioned her about if President Joe Biden is actually running things at the White House! During an appearance on a recent episode of Charlamagne’s late night talk show, Kamala Harris made it abundantly clear that she did not…

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iPhone 14: 5 things we want to see on Apple’s next flagship

The iPhone 13 Pro, making a splash Andrew Hoyle/CNET The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro have hugely impressed us with their strong performance and excellent camera skills. But we’re an impatient bunch, and our sights are already fixed on the rumored iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Although we don’t expect the launch until fall…

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4 things learned from Day 1 of US World Junior selection camp

4 things learned from Day 1 of US World Junior selection camp Hockey Canada announces World Juniors final roster  TSN SNAPSHOTS: Senators prospect Ridly Greig will suit up for Team Canada at the world junior championship  …