fridge throw

If you have this beef or pork in your fridge, throw it out now

The USDA has some fairly strict rules regarding the import of various food products, including meat, and inspection is often required in order to ensure food safety guidelines are met.  In a pair of new recalls, the USDA reveals that some beef and pork products never received the inspection they needed, and therefore the product…

heated throw

Best heated throw blanket: Bundle up using these electrical blankets

When the temperature drops at night—or it’s just flat out freezing all day—make sure you’ve got the best heated throw blanket to help keep you comfortable and warm.

throw veggies

If you have these veggies, throw them out

Vegetables that are accidentally mixed with others and packaged without labels on the packaging can cause serious allergic reactions. A brand of yellow peas sold online across multiple states is now the subject of a recall because the packages may contain soybeans.  Soy allergies can be serious and even life-threatening, making this a very important…

Missed throw

Missed FG, shoe toss cost Florida in upset loss to LSU

A missed field goal and a thrown shoe played crucial roles in Florida’s upset loss to LSU.