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Dancing TikTok’s

TikTok’s white Woman Dance is pure Pleasure

By Morgan Sung2021-06-06 22:02:08 UTC There are few activities more freeing than the white girl dance, which is less of a dance and more of a transcendental journey to the highest vibe imaginable.  Regardless of gender or race, white girl dancing is a joy to behold and perform. The trend started on TikTok, where creators…

Kitchen TikTok’s

For TikTok’s Kitchen Witches, It’s Been a Year of Magical Cooking

To make Lizzie Markham’s “Black Raspberry Daiquiri for When Emotions Are Running High,” you’ll need white rum for strength and connection, simple syrup for sweetness, Chambord for pleasure and joy, lime juice for a mood boost, and a sprinkle of edible glitter “just because it’s beautiful.” Shake off the bad vibes in a shaker tin,…

inverted TikTok’s

Why TikTok’s inverted filter is turning people’s self-esteem upside down

Apps like TikTok can at at times challenge our self-esteem.  Sarah Tew/CNET TikTok has spawned many trends, ranging from funny to inspiring to entertaining. But some crazes coming out of the short-form video app become nothing more than a means for people to either boast or feel insecure about their appearance. Take the inverted filter. This…

algorithm TikTok’s

TikTok’s algorithm Is Currently sending users down a far-right extremist rabbit hole

Far right content is thriving on TikTok. Image: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images By Matt Binder2021-03-28 13:02:51 -0700 TikTok’s recommendations algorithm is sending users down a far right wing rabbit hole QAnon. Patriot Party, Oath Keepers. Three Percenters. Videos promoting these far right wing movements are all banned on TikTok. Yet the viral app’s recommendations…

Beauty TikTok’s

The beauty of TikTok’s secret, surprising, and eerily accurate recommendation algorithms

Deven Karpelman would never have joined TikTok if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. And she certainly never expected to be famous on it. But the app has a way of rewarding good content with views, dropping new creators in front of a broad spectrum of fans. That’s how Karpelman, a 57-year-old who works in…