Games Training

How Riot Games is training 60 girls to be game developers with Girls Who Code

The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! About 45% of video game players in the U.S. are women, but only about 30% of game developers identify as female. This is why League of Legends maker Riot Games and Girls Who Code have teamed up to try to…

Tesla Training

Tesla AI Dojo Training as a Service Could Compete with Amazon and Google Cloud

Lex Fridman has a very successful podcast but he has been an AI researcher for 6+ years. Lex was very impressed with the technical details of Autopilot and FSD revealed at Tesla AI day. Lex says “All of it is just brilliant”. He thinks Tesla has all the pieces needed to solve full self-driving. Lex…

Training While

While training for the Tokyo Paralympics, my biggest triumph came in the locker room

They say your 20s are for making mistakes. I set the bar high at 21. Driving my candy pink Vespa with my arm in a cast, I thought I was a real-life Powerpuff Girl. The crash landing that humbled me was not made of everything nice. I was driving past my school, The University of Colorado, when…

Prior Training

Prior training can accelerate muscle growth even after extended idleness

According to a report by the American Psychological Association published in February 2021, 42% of American adults reported unintended weight gain since the COVID-19 pandemic began, averaging about 29 pounds. For those who are still struggling to get back on track with their exercise routine, there is encouraging news: new research from the University of…

Brain Training

Training the brain to avoid junk food: Does the app targeting behaviour change really work?

The UK is facing a health crisis, with a majority of citizens failing to eat an adequately healthy diet.It is estimated that 75% of men and 72% of women do not consume enough fruit and vegetables in their diet, while recommended sugar intake guidelines are exceeded by 100%. Two in every three adults are currently…

Observations Training

Jets Training Camp observations: Zach Wilson’s struggles, early standouts and more

With a good chunk of training camp gone, here are some observations early on at One Jets Drive.

Community Training

B/R Community Training Camp Questions: Should Justin Fields Be Day 1 Starter?

NFL training camps often create as many questions as they provide answers. The Indianapolis Colts are a prime example…

Roundup Training

NFL Training Camp Buzz Roundup: Is Trey Lance Winning the SF QB Battle Already?

Life comes at you fast. Just ask the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers, but for entirely different reasons. The Colts are working their way through a nightmarish training camp…

Redefine Training

Redefine Your Core Training With This Total-Body Abs Workout

Not every core workout is created equal. You probably have a go-to series of crunches, planks, and maybe a twist or two you depend on to tick the abs box of your workout’s checklist. Doing something is better than doing absolutely nothing—but if you really want to see results in both the aesthetics and strength…

Camps Training

Will NFL training camps be ‘normal’ this year? What we know about COVID-19 protocols, rules for unvaccinated players

What will NFL training camps look like this year? What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 test? How are protocols different for vaccinated and unvaccinated players?