Plagues violence

Violence Plagues Afghanistan as Peace Talks With Taliban Struggle to Take Off

KABUL—Deadly violence in Afghanistan has marred the first-ever direct talks between Kabul and the Taliban, underscoring the high stakes that face the warring sides as they struggle to get negotiations off the ground to end nearly two decades of fighting. Representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban kicked off a historic first round of…

Antifa violence

Antifa violence backed by ‘powerful political entities’ who need to be exposed to stop it: Lara Logan

Antifa violence is backed by “powerful political entities” who need to be exposed to stop it, Fox Nation host Lara Logan told “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday. The host of Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda” made the point of reacting to the violence in cities across the country sparked by the death…

Domestic violence

Domestic violence shelters are filling up and cities are looking to hotels for help

For most people, being in lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus has been an effective, if inconvenient, way to protect their health. But for victims of domestic violence, it has been a living nightmare: Being cooped up with a violent partner is a health challenge as serious as the virus.Since the early days of…

Political violence

How Political Violence Became a Presidential-Campaign Issue

On Monday, Joe Biden travelled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for what was, in this pandemic year, a rare campaign speech delivered outside the confines of his Delaware home. “We’ve had a lot of talk about who is going where,” Biden said, “and how I’ve decided to come to Pittsburgh to talk about what’s going on right…

Political violence

To Stop Political Violence, Support Peaceful Protests

Joel Mathis, The Week August 31, 2020 (Jonathan Ernst/Pool via AP, File)You can’t demand peaceful protests and dismiss them at the same timeRead Full Article » Related Topics: Violence Comment Show comments Hide Comments Log In with your RCMG Account Register

Portland violence

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says violence wasn’t welcome at Saturday’s pro-police demonstration; There was violence

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler doesn’t tweet much about the “demonstrations” that have been going on for nearly three months in his city (except to blame President Trump for the rioting), but right-wing groups assembled Saturday at 3 at the Justice Center in downtown Portland, and counter-protesters showed up in droves. And yes, there was hate…

Business Fleeing violence

Fleeing violence, trapped in Mexico: Gay man seeks asylum but remains in limbo

In late July, for the fourth time in 10 months, Daniel Fernandez prepared for what he hoped would be his first asylum hearing.The Venezuelan native gathered items old and new: his asylum application, his Migrant Protection Protocols paperwork, hand sanitizer and a mask.“They still haven’t said anything official about the hearings,” Fernandez, 30, said a…

Chicago violence

As Chicago Gun Violence Rises, Mayor Says Increase in City Is Result of ‘Lax Gun Laws’ in Other States

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday suggested that the “lax gun laws” in states such as Mississippi and Indiana are causing the increase in violence in the city.During an interview with MSNBC, Lightfoot was asked about the rise in violence across Chicago and what she is doing to combat it.”Well, look, we can’t stop things…

Donald violence

Violence Is Donald Trump’s Mother Tongue

As the latest episodes reveal, the “Trump and Violence Show” is the president’s cynical attempt to promote a response in the streets that might actually require law enforcement action. Teargas, shock grenades, lasers, commercial-grade fireworks. Gunshots, broken storefronts, cars accelerating into crowds, fires set, soldiers in camo swinging batons with abandon: sights and sounds—tragically real—appropriated…

surges violence

As violence surges, Chicago police try a new version of an old solution. Can it work?

Chicago’s violence is an old problem, and the Police Department’s latest plan to fight it is a new version of an old solution — a citywide unit tasked with flooding crime-plagued neighborhoods with cops. Superintendent David Brown’s Community Safety Team reworks a program that past police leaders have credited with tamping down the surges of…