Bungee Wanted

Ever Wanted to Bungee off Tokyo Tower? Now You Can … in VR

Tokyo TowerIf you’ve been avoiding taking a bungee leap of faith off the Tokyo Tower because of how scary and dangerous it is? Well now you can take the plunge without fear of dismemberment or death in this Tokyo-based VR experience. The experience is a new tourist attraction called “Tokyo Tower Bungee VR.” The event…

Consultant Wanted

This Consultant Wanted Countries to Invest in Music.

He Took His Case to the U.N.

Shapiro was especially perplexed by the absence of music in discussions around the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 intertwined objectives to tackle such systemic issues as poverty, gender inequality, climate change and lack of access to quality education included in the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (adopted by all U.N.…

Amazon Wanted

Amazon Wished to Market stagnant Stock in retail stores at a discount

The big picture: Amazon currently operates dozens of retail stores under the Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go banners, not to mention its Whole Foods markets. Expanding those operations to include a discount chain doesn’t seem like it’d be much of a stretch, even if just on a trial basis to test…

Texas Wanted

Man wanted following Texas trooper shot at the mind

Authorities are looking for a man accused of shooting a state trooper in the head Friday night in Texas.Officials issued an alert Saturday for DeArthur Pinson Jr., 36, who they said should be “considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.”DeArthur Pinson Jr.Texas Department of Public SafetyThe trooper, identified as Chad Walker, responded to…

fossil Wanted

He wanted to get his home off fossil fuels. There was just one problem.

Adam James had been casually browsing the housing market for about a year when he came across a home that seemed like the perfect fit. The 31-year-old and his wife recently had their third child, and the 1960s split-level ranch house in Ossining, New York, a village on the Hudson River with ample green space…

bigger Wanted

Lil Baby Wanted His ‘Bigger Picture’ Grammys Performance to Remind Us That America Hasn’t Been Fixed

“It’s a never-ending saga for the people who really live in it,” Lil Baby says of the police brutality depicted in his Grammys showcase of “The Bigger Picture.”

Brady Wanted

Tom Brady’Wanted to Try a Different Way’ Than Patriots, Says Bucs’ Bruce Arians

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians gave his thoughts Monday on why quarterback Tom Brady decided to leave the New England Patriots after two decades and sign with the Bucs…


Desired: Banker Who Became Literal Poster Boy of Cum-Ex Scandal

Wanted: Banker Who Became Literal Poster Boy of Cum-Ex Scandal

Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Wanted: Zelda turns 35

This is going to be the least surprising statement I’ve ever made on Destructoid, but I’m a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda. I have been ever since I was single digits, and over my few years here, I’ve written about my love and admiration for a few games in the series. I always…

Everything Wanted

Everything you never wanted to know about ANSI escape codes